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I have moved UltraDavid's link to the bottom under "External Links". The blurb has also been removed. The wiki motto is: if something is wrong, edit it. If something needs to be discussed (or you're afraid of being reverted), then there is a discussion page for it. But in general, just go in and edit. (btw, the How-to Q faq is really awesome. Just some notes about it: 1. Standing Roundhouse is punishable on block by reversal Chun SA2 and Ken SA3, which is significant considering that most arcade opponents are Chun and Ken. (but maybe being at max range makes s.Rh safe on block?) Holy shit, deep meaty UOH can link into s.Forward? Is there any specific setups to for max distance UOH or ya just gotta eyeball it? The thread is super packed with information, I probably need re-read it, but my brain needs time to process.) (Site note: I notice that the Q discussion got removed. I hope the old discussions can be restored...)

vknightbd 07:27, 12 July 2007 (UTC)