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TvC says that Batsu Ichimonji originated from Rival Schools (which is true). Batsu is a strong character in TvC due to good damage on comboes, safe and strong approaches, good speed, and some powerful resets. Overall, he doesn't seem to be as versatile as Ryu, although he does seem to have some very powerful offensive options.

Moves List

Normal Moves

  • F+B - Overhead Punch - Batsu does an overhead punch.
  • F+C - Dashing Horizontal Elbow - Batsu does a dashing horizontal elbow hit to the enemy's chest.

Special Moves

  • QCF+A/B/C (Can also be done in the air) - Fire ball - Batsu shoots a fire ball at the enemy. Each version has its own distance. A version travels about 1/3 towards the screen, B version travels a little over half way towards the screen, and C version travels all the way across the screen. The ground version of Batsu's fire balls cause knockdown. You can cancel his ground fire balls into any of his supers. The air version of his fire balls travel in a 45 degree downward angle. Each version has its own air distance. A version barely moves away from Batsu, B version travels about a 1/3 away from Batsu, and C version travels a little over half way from Batsu.
  • DP+A/B/C - Fire Uppercut - Batsu does a Fire Uppercut at his enemy, causing them to fly into the air. This special move does 3 hits.
  • QCB+A/B/C - Jumping Fire Kick - Bastu jumps in the air and does a fire kick at his enemy. A version does 3 hits, B version does 3 to 4 hits (depends if you're in the corner with the enemy or the size of your enemy), and C version does 4 hits.
  • (In the air) j.QCB+A/B/C - Air Darting Kick - Bastu takes one of his legs and darts at the enemy. Each version has its own angle. A version is steep and lands him half way on the ground, B version is a diagonal (near perfect hypotenuse side to a right degree (90 degree) triangle) lands him at the other end of the screen, and C version is a near horizontal travel towards the other side of the screen, eventually landing on the other side of the screen. You can use this in an air combo. You can also do this special move two times in a row, possibly leading into a 2 hit combo (depending if you go from a weaker to a stronger version of his special); or you can cancel his Air Darting Kick into his air Fire Ball into his air Super Fire Ball:
  • Tardy Counter: On block Batsu can use his command normals 6B and 6C while he is in block animation. During tardy counter he has three points of super armor

Super Moves

  • QCF+AB (Can also be done in the air) - Super Fire Ball - Bastu shouts at the enemy, and then throws the Super Fire Ball at them. Both ground and air version can be used in a combo. Ground version does around 12 hits. Air version does around 12 hits; however, if you use his air Fire Ball Special, the number of hits may vary (because of your position in the air with your enemy, or the size of your enemy).
  • DP+AB - Fire Dragon Punch - Both of Bastu's arms are one fire. While he screams, he lunges at the enemy and does an overhead fire punch, then does a fire uppercut, launching the enemy in the air. This does 12 hits. This super can be used in a combo.
  • HCB+AB (Level 3 Super) - Rival School Double Team Style - The famous flash from Rival School surrounds Batsu as he does a step back and then lunges at the enemy with an overhead punch. If it connects, your partner comes out, and do the Rival School Tag Team Super. Depending on your partner determines the type of Rival School Double Team Style super. For example, if your partner is Alex, Batsu and Alex will charge their arms and do a double team version of Batsu's Fire Dragon Punch. Or if your partner is Ryu, Batsu and Ryu will do a double team version of Batsu's Super Fire Ball. Experiment around to see the various versions of Batsu's Rival School Double Team Style super with different partners. If your partner is dead, a ghost version of them will appear and Batsu will be crying while executing the team up super. This will do extra damage.

The Basics

Batsu's aerial approaches are very powerful, with the j.B probably being his best option. His IAD B not only comes out quickly at a very good angle for approaching, but it also has the ability to crossup based on height and timing. His j.C is also a decent option, but it can't cross up and it is slower, also it is possible for the opponent to hit you with a dash attack on a blocked j.C because of the somewhat slow rebound.

Batsu's combos, for the most part, are very straightforward, and work very well with an assist that keeps the opponent grounded(ryu/morrigan/jun/etc.). His guts upper also keeps the opponent grounded if baroqued fast enough, so that's what you should use in your baroque combos. You can cancel a ryusei kick into a higher strength ryusei kick or a fireball once in an aerial combo as well, so a standard batsu combo should look something like this:

Baroque,1 super,ryu assist (j.B)2A,B,2B,C,623C,Baroque,Dash,A,B,2B,C,assist,A,B,2B,C,3C,j.A,j.A,j.B,j.B,dj.A,dj.B,214A,236B,236A+B

Due to the short animation for his QCF super, he can combo out of it using some longer hitting supers in team-ups (Tekkaman,Roll,Morrigan) mess around with it if you want.

He also has the ability to hit fairly powerful resets with his qcb attack baroqued into low A during combos. If you use qcb+C, it's a 4 hit overhead that can be baroqued at any point into a low. This not only gives him good baroque damage on a powerful reset, but also usually allows for his assist to recharge, allowing for very high damage output.

Baroque,1 super, morrigan assist (j.B),2A,B,2B,C,assist,A,B,2B,C,214C,Baroque,2A,B,2B,C,assist,2A,B,2B,C,3C,j.A,j.A,j.B,j.B,dj.A,dj.B,214A,236B,236A+B

Batsu can combo into his level 3 super simply by going


Advanced Strategy