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TvC says that Tekkaman originated from Tekkaman: The Space Knight anime (which is true). Tekkaman has extremely high health, damage, and range, he also has good mixups with his j.C attack. However, he is is somewhat slow which makes him harder to use. Regardless, he remains a popular tournament character. Also he has a Space Lance.

Moves List

Normal Moves

  • F+C - Tekkaman takes his space lance and does a 2 hit combo on the enemy. This can be used in a combo.
  • While jumping, D+C - Tekkaman takes his space lance and does a vertical (and fast) stab.

Special Moves

  • Charge back for a few seconds, then tap forward +A/B/C - Tech Lancer - Tekkaman takes his space lance and throws it at his enemy. All three versions travel all the way across the screen. Each version has its own number of hits. A version does 1 hit and causes knock down, B version does 3 hits, and C version does 5 hits. This can be used in a combo and can be canceled into one of his supers.
  • Charge down for a few seconds, then tap up +A/B/C (Can also be done in the air) - Zanga Kazaguruma - Tekkaman twirls his space lance at the enemy, causing the enemy to launch in the air. Each ground and air version has its own number of hits. Ground and air A version does 6 hits, ground and air B version does 8 hits, ground C version does 14 hits and air C version does 13 hits. This special can be used in both combos and air combos.
  • QCB +A/B/C - Tech Winn - Tekkaman takes out a "gun" and grabs the enemy with rope, pulling the enemy towards Tekkaman. Each version has its own direction. A version travels straight across the screen (horizontally), B version travels in a 45 degree (incline) angle, and C version travels in a straight (vertical) direction.
  • Tap A/B/C Rapidly (Can also be done in the air) - Gatling Lancer - Tekkaman takes his space lance and stabs the enemy multiple times. Each version has its own stabbing speed. A version stabs slow, B version stabs at a moderate pace, and C version stabs very fast. This special can be used in a combo and air combo.

Super Moves

  • QCF+AB (Can also be done in the air) - Boltekka - The ground version of Boltekka makes Tekkaman stab his space lance on the ground. He then charges his forehead and shoots out a powerful reddish-orange beam. The ground version does around 21 hits. The air version of Boltekka call Tekkaman's ship and does the powerful reddish-orange beam. The enemy can get hit by Tekkaman's ship. The air version's hits depends on where you are positioned and the size of your enemy.
  • DP+AB - Daikaiten Tech Lancer - Tekkaman throws his space lance in the air and shoots his powerful reddish-orange beam at the space lance, causing multiple smaller beams to hit the ground (kind of reminds me of disco).
  • QCB+AB (Level 3 Super) - Space Nights Formation - Tekkaman takes out his "gun" and shoots at the enemy in a near 45 degree (incline) angle. If Tekkaman is successful, he will throw his enemy with his space lance in the air. He then follows the enemy with his ship and rams them.

The Basics

Tekkaman has the highest damage in the game off of a normal BnB with no super, also he can soak up a ton of damage. Both of these qualities make him excellent as a point character. His j.C can cross up, and then go into his normal BnB. It has a large disjointed hitbox on all sides as well, making it hard to defend against for most characters. His (2)8C in the air can combo into itself one time, or twice with baroque, however it is more useful to use baroque earlier in the combo for extra damage. His normal BnB looks like this:


with baroque: (j.C)A,B,2B,Baroque,dash,A,B,2B,C,3C,j.B,j.(2)8C,j(2)8C

The timing is somewhat tight but it works because technically you jump cancel the end of the first (2)8C with your 8 input on the 2nd one. As such, you can actually cancel the second one with a baroque and hit a third one if you want, but this should probably only be used on the giants or in some other situation where you use the lariat and not a ground combo to go into his aerial BnB.

You can also hit this juggle combo for large damage off of a space lariat at full screen, which will also allow you to juggle PTX or Lightan. It would go like this.


Tekkaman has a little trouble comboing into his supers on his own, but with assists it's not usually too hard. However, if you use his (4)6C as an anti air, you can combo it into his 236A+B super.

Advanced Strategy