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Moves List

Normal Moves

  • j.2C-Space Lance Ground Slam-Tekkaman slams his Space Lance to the ground. This move can be used during an air combo (causes knockdown), and can also be used as an off-the-ground move (OTG). A nice trick with this normal move is that if you are in the air, and you are trying to get back to the ground quickly, use this normal move, and cancel right into Gatling Lancer (because not only will you cancel the recovery animation, but also, you will protect Tekkaman from any oncoming attacks). Use this move to mobilize yourself around the screen.
  • 6C-Space Lance Twin Strike-Tekkaman swings his Space Lance, making sure both ends hits his enemy. You can use this during a ground combo (also, you can cancel this move into a special/super move). This move is a good way to guarantee your ground combo (in particular, can cancel the first hit of Space Lance Twin Strike into a special/super to guarantee the hit(s)).

Special Moves

  • Tek Lancer-Charge 4 for a few seconds, then press 6A/B/C-Tekkaman throws his Space Lance at his enemy. All versions travel all the way across the screen. However, each version has its own number of hits, properties, speed, and damage output. A version will do 1 hit, cause a knock down, travels very fast, and does around 3,200 Billion Damage; B version does 3 hits, causes minor stagger, travels at a moderate pace, and does around 4,800 Billion Damage; C version does 5 hits, causes minor staggering, travels slowly across the screen, and does around 6,800 Billion Damage. You can combo with B/C Tek Lancer during a ground combo and continue to ground combo with A version of Tek Win (since A version Tek Win will pull the enemy towards Tekkaman). This set-up will give you the ability to guarantee a launcher (leading into some massive output damaging air combo!). You can also use B/C version of Tek Lancer to guarantee a set-up for Voltekka super (since the start-up is less without his Space Lance in his hand). A version Tek Lancer is nice to use, since it gives you the option to use your Super Spinning Tek Lancer as an off-the-ground (OTG) super move (and does great damage!).
  • Galaxy Windmill-Charge 2 for a few seconds, then press 8A/B/C (this move can also be done in the air)-Tekkaman spins his Space Lance in front of him, juggling his enemy. Both ground and air versions has its own number of hits and damage outputs. Ground versions: A will do 6 hits and does around 6,200 Billion Damage, B version does 8 hits and does around 7,200 Billion Damage, and C version does 14 hits and does around 9,770 Billion Damage. Air versions: A version does 6 hits and does around 5,800 Billion Damage, B version does 8 hits and does around 6,200 Billion Damage, and C version does 12 hits and does around 7,800 Billion Damage. The air version (particularly C) is excellent to use in an air combo because the damage output is a lot! The idea for the air combo is this: launcher (3C)->super jump (hold down 2) j.ABB (now press)8C->(wait for all the hits, hold down 2 while air C version of Galaxy Windmill is finishing up)->(now press)8C. Does at least 20,000 Billion Damage! You can Baroque the second set of air C version of Galaxy Windmill; however, you will only gain a few more hits. Air C version of Galaxy Windmill is also great as a "run away" or "keep away" game because of how far air C version Galaxy Windmill travels in the air. Tekkaman can mix up air C version Galaxy Windmill with his j.2C->land->Gatling Lancer special as a way to cover both the air and ground! As for the ground versions of Galaxy Windmill, you can use them as an anti-air special move (though you can also use B/C versions of Tek Win as well).
  • Tek Win-214A/B/C-Tekkaman takes his out his rope (with a spear at the end of it), stabs the enemy, and pulls the enemy towards himself (think of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, lol). All three versions do 2 hits. Each version has its own properties, at what angle Tekkaman throws out his rope, and damage outputs. A version travels all the way across the screen, pulls the enemy towards Tekkaman, causes them to go into a "launching" stage (meaning you can combo after A version of Tek Win; Note: if you are able to catch your enemy with A version of Tek Win while the enemy is in the air, the properties will change to B/C version of Tek Win, including the damage output) and does around 1,110 Billion Damage; B version travels at a 45 degree angle incline, pulls and throws the enemy down on the ground, and does around 1,110 Billion Damage; and C version travels straight up in the air (vertically), slams the enemy into the ground, and does around 5,200 Billion Damage. A version Tek Win is great to use during your ground combo set-ups (particularly during a C version Tek Lancer), giving you the ability to land a launcher (3C). B/C versions of Tek Win are used more for anti-air attacks. A nice little trick with Tek Win is that A version Tek Win can ground combo into B version Tek Win.
  • Gatling Lancer-Rapidly tap A/B/C (this move can also be done in the air)-Tekkaman does a series of stabs with his Space Lance at his enemy's body. Each version varies on the number of hits (due to spacing, distance from Tekkaman and your opponent's character). However, each version has its own stabbing speed. A version's stabbing speed is slow, B version's stabbing speed is moderate, and C version's stabbing speed is the fastest. A nice thing about Gatling Lancer is that you can use this as part of your mobility strategy (look back at Space Lance Ground Slam move above). Nice trick is that if you and your enemy are in the corner, you can combo: 2C (two hits)-> C version Gatling Lancer for as long as the combo system allows you. You can get great damage output from a simple but yet effective set-up!

Super Moves

  • Voltekka-236+Any two attack buttons (this super can also be done in the air)-Tekkaman shoots out a powerful laser beam at his enemy. The ground version does 21 hits, and does around 16,250 Billion Damage. You can ground combo into his Voltekka (which is especially nice to use for chip damage, even if you mess up during your ground combo-since the hit box for the ground Voltekka is pretty large). The air version has Tekkaman jump on his ship and shoot his powerful laser at his enemy. While it is possible to air combo into air Voltekka, the set-up is difficult (due to timing and spacing). The air version does 21 hits, and does around 16,000 Billion Damage. It is possible to have Tekkaman's ship hit his enemy first; if that happens, his air Voltekka will do 22 hits, and the damage output is around 17,200 Billion Damage.
  • Super Spinning Tek Lancer-623+Any two attack buttons-Tekkaman throws his Space Lance in the air, and then shoots his powerful laser beam at the Space Lance, causing his beam to cover the entire ground space. Depending on where your enemy is at, where you throw the Space Lance (and where Tekkaman is standing), or if the enemy is lying on the ground determines the number of hits and damage output. However, if your enemy is hit in the beginning of Super Spinning Tek Lancer animation (when he literally throws his Space Lance), the enemy will take the hits slightly above his Space Lance. The key to Tekkaman's Super Spinning Tek Lancer is that your enemy should be below the Spinning Space Lance (the lower, the more damage!). You can also use this super as an off-the-ground (OTG) super.
  • Space Knights Formation (Level 3 Super)-214+Any two attack buttons)-Tekkaman uses his Tek Win on the enemy (he shoots with it in a 45 degree incline angle). If the enemy is hit by the Tek Win, Tekkaman will stab his enemy with his Space Lance, throw the enemy in the air (with the Space Lance stuck on the enemy's body), finally ending the super with Tekkaman's ship slamming into the enemy. This super does 4 hits, with a damage output to be around 28,200 Billion Damage. It is possible to use this super during a ground combo; however, because Space Knights Formation start-up is pretty long (and the fact that the Tek Win move going at a 45 degree inclining angle) makes it difficult to combo with. Use this super to either punish your opponent's mistake(s) or a surprise anti-air attack.

As An Assist

Tekkaman jumps out and does his B version of Tek Win; however, the properties are of the A version of Tek Win. Tekkaman's Assist is very unique because this will allow your other character to continue his/her combo (or even come up with interesting set-ups that may have not been possible without Tekkaman's assist). Be careful when you attack with Tekkaman's Assist: if you interrupt Tekkaman's animation (the pulling part), the enemy will not fly in the air (and therefore, will not be in a launching state). You can also use Tekkaman's Assist as an anti-air attack. His Assist is excellent to use against giants (Gold Lightan and PTX-40A) because Tekkaman's Assist goes past the giants body armor (meaning you can ground/air combo the giants!) Experiment with Tekkaman's Assist!

The Basics

Advanced Strategy