Tekken Tag Tournament 2/Game Mechanics/Basic Defense

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Blocking is the most important and most basic defensive option. Tekken has no chip damage on moves except for a few exceptions.

  • To block high and mid, hold B.png . You can leave your joystick in neutral and you will automatically block.
  • To block low, Db.png .

Mastering blocking is one of the most important things to do in a fighting game.


Sidestepping is a 3D fighting game exclusive mechanics and something 2D players have a hard time getting used to. It is both an offensive and defensive tool. You can use it for movement, positioning, and also to avoid incoming attacks.

  • To sidestep, press U.png or D.png and then return the joystick to neutral. Essentially, just tap the direction you want to sidestep in.
  • To sidewalk, just hold U.png or D.png after sidestepping.

Low Parry

Low parrying is... parrying lows (and special mids). It stops lows and lets you counter attack.

  • To low parry, press Df.png in time with a low attack.