Tekken Tag Tournament 2/Game Mechanics/Movement

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Basic Movement


The most basic movement is walking left and right.

  • To walk left, press B.png
  • To walk right, press F.png


Sidestepping is a great way to move around the screen. It helps you change your position, avoid attacks, and much more.

  • To sidestep away, press U.png and then return the joystick to neutral.
  • To sidestep toward, press D.png and then return the joystick to neutral.
  • To sidestep walk, hold the appropriate direction.

Dashing and Running

Dashing and Running is a great way to get around the screen quickly. Don't run too often though, because it is hard to stop and is unsafe if you are not at a certain distance.

  • To dash forward, press F.png F.png . Hold F.png to run.
  • During a run, a few followups are available. After running for , your character will perform an unblockable shoulder tackle. If the opponent is laying down, your character will stomp on them. Press 4 to do a slide. Press 1+2 to do a cross dive. Press B.png to cancel the run. Characters also have certain moves that they can do while running.
  • To dash forward, press B.png B.png . Hold B.png to "safe backdash". What this does is if you are attacked while backdashing, your character will block like normal.

Jumping and Hopping

Jumping is extremely risky in Tekken, unlike 2D games, so it isn't used very much. However, it does avoid lows, so it does have its uses.

  • To jump, press U.png , Ub.png , or Uf.png .

Hopping is like a small jump.

  • To hop, press Uf.png and return the joystick to neutral.

During hops, right kicks will launch.

When landing, you will be in the "while standing" state.