Tekken Tag Tournament 2/Game Mechanics/Tag Elements

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Raw Tag

These are the standard tags. The most basic of all tag elements, these are very unsafe and not used too much.

  • To raw tag, press Tkn.5.png.
  • Must be standing.
  • Must be away from a wall.
  • Puts your character in a running state, so you can slide, head dive, etc.
  • Very unsafe.

Wall Tag

When you are near a wall, you can wall tag.

  • To wall tag, press Tkn.5.png when near a wall.
  • Must be standing.
  • Must be near a wall.
  • Safer than Raw Tagging.
  • Does NOT put your character in a running state.

Tag Combos

Tag Combos return from the original Tekken Tag Tournament!

  • To perform a Tag Combo, press Tkn.5.png after performing a launcher. You can follow up with a combo of your choice.
  • Removes red life.
  • Can be at the beginning or end of a combo.