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Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Hit On Block Properties
{{{photo}}} L.png {{{ldamage}}} {{{lguard}}} {{{lstartup}}} {{{lactive}}} {{{lrecovery}}} {{{lhit}}} {{{lblock}}} {{{properties}}}
M.png {{{mdamage}}} {{{mguard}}} {{{mstartup}}} {{{mactive}}} {{{mrecovery}}} {{{mhit}}} {{{mblock}}}
H.png {{{hdamage}}} {{{hguard}}} {{{hstartup}}} {{{hactive}}} {{{hrecovery}}} {{{hhit}}} {{{hblock}}}


This template is mainly for specials with multiple versions.

Copy the following for each move:

|notes=Describe move here

Parameters mostly should be self-explanatory (I hope). "Hit" = High/low/unblockable/throw/air throw? If it hits mid or doesn't hit at all, put a dash.

Here's the raw wiki markup for reference:

{|class="wikitable" style="width:1000px;"
|- style="font-weight: bold;"
|style="width:200px; font-size:115%;" align="center"|<b>{{{name}}}</b><br><small>{{#motion: {{{command}}} }}</small>
|style="width:50px;"|On Hit
|style="width:50px;"|On Block
|align="center" rowspan="4"|{{{photo}}}
|{{#motion: l }}
|{{#motion: {{{lguard}}} }}
|{{#motion: {{{lproperties}}} }}
|{{#motion: m }}
|{{#motion: {{{mguard}}} }}
|{{#motion: {{{mproperties}}} }}
|{{#motion: h }}
|{{#motion: {{{hguard}}} }}
|{{#motion: {{{hproperties}}} }}