Terry (RBFF2)

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Terry is the most recognizable of the Fatal Fury cast. And to no one's surprise, relatively easy to play for beginners. Packing a strong offense, plus great break shots to boot. When picking up this game for the first time, you cannot go wrong with Terry.

Command Moves

Uppercut - df + A

Power Dunk - uf + B (last hit overhead)

Flying Turn Kick - f + B (low dodge)

Punt Kick - f f + C (overhead)

Gut Uppercut - A+B (avoid attack)

Power Charge - f + C (juggles)

Feint Burn Knuckle - f + B+C

Feint Power Geyser - d + B+C

Special Moves

Power Wave (BS) qcf+A (projectile.)

Round Wave (BS) qcf+C (projectile, hits in both planes.)

Crack Shoot (BS) qcb+B

Burn Knuckle (BS) qcb+A/C

Fire Kick (BS) qcf+B (juggle on hit.)

Rising Tackle charge d,u+A (standard anti-air)

Bashing Sway qcf+D (ends in the back plane)

Super Moves

Power Geyser (BS) qcb,df,f+C (S-power)

Overheat Geyser qcb,df,f+C (P-power)

Advanced Strategy