Terry Bogard (NGBC)

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Body Tosses

Buster Throw: f/b+CD

Command Normals

Combination Blow: f+C(during close st.C)

Rising Upper: df+C

Special Moves

Power Wave: QCF+P

Burning Knuckle: QCB+P

Power Charge: f,f+K (can perform up to 3x)

Crack Shoot: QCB+K

Power Dunk: f,d,df+K

Breaking: Press AB during 1st hit of Power Dunk

Charge Run: HCF+K

Charge Kick: Press K during Charge run

Super Attacks

Buster Wolf: QCF(x2)+K

Power Geyser: QCB,HCF+P can follow up with:

Double Geyser: QCF+P can follow up with:

Triple Geyser: QCF+AC

The Basics

Terry NGBC Primer I(by Dark Geese):

-Jump C and D (even straight up) have great priority. Air to air he's hard to beat. Jump back D or C work great air-to-air -d/f+C is good aa and can be canceled for pressure -cr C and st C can be hit confirmed into B Buster Wolf and have damn good priority -cr B and cr A are quick -cr D has good priority, long range, activates fast, laggy on whiff though

-UNTECHABLE THROW, opp rises backturned -FAST DASH -Jump D crossup -Close C gives massive frame adv -Close C->f+C chain gives good frame adv, and sometimes the second C will whiff, has good recovery, and can run up and throw


1.crBx2 xx B Buster Wolf

2.crBx2 xx DA

3.crB, crA xx A burn knuckle

4.close C xx B Dunk->break, juggle with [far C xx B Dunk -> otg C Power Wave] or DA

5.close C->d/f+C xx C Burn Knuckle

6.close C->d/f+C xx B elbow charge x 3, otg C Power Wave

7.close C->d/f+C xx B elbow charge x 2 xx B Buster Wolf or A Power Geyser

8.in corner: close C->d/f+C xx B elbow charge x 2 xx A Geyser x 2, [dash up -> juggle with late far C or close C xx B Power Dunk, otg C Power Wave] or DA

Advanced Strategy