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Yashiro Nanakase

KOF98 yashiro small.png


In a nutshell

He is a rushdown and poking medium weight with a lot of cheap damage options, and the CYS band leader, its a mid tier compared to his real counterpart


Snka.gif Snkb.gif Snkc.gif Snkd.gif
Yash98 colorA.png Yash98 colorB.png Yash98 colorC.png Yash98 colorD.png

Gameplay Overview

In-depth Analysis


Frames Advantage Cancel Block Hitbox Notes
Standing Close
Snka.gif 3/4/4 +4/+2 C HL
Yash98 clA.png
Snkb.gif 3/5/9 -2/-4 C HL
Yash98 clB.png
Snkc.gif 3/3+4/15 -2/-4 C (1st part) HL
Yash98 clC1.png
Yash98 clC2.png
Fast, cancelable.
Snkd.gif 3/5/21 -6/-8 C HL
Yash98 clD.png
Same as above except does more damage but pushes back further.
Standing Far
Snka.gif 3/4/7 +1/-1 C HL
Yash98 stA.png
Good long range poke. Generally Standing B is better, but this one is cancelable, so you can cancel into f + A to bait someone mashing.
Snkb.gif 4/8/13 -9/-11 - HL
Yash98 stB.png
One of the godliest pokes in the game. Fast, long range, stops short hop...stops a lot of other shit too!
Snkc.gif 10/3/32 -15/-17 C HL
Yash98 stC.png
Slow recovery, but it is whiff cancelable (f + B preferred) and connects against crouchers. Still, crouching C has all this move's got and more.
Snkd.gif 8/4/33 -17/-19 - HL
Yash98 stD.png
Uncancelable and super slow recovery, but it is notable that it beats some things. I see Chinese players use it sometimes in specific situations. Mess around with it if you're feeling experimental.
Snkc.gif+Snkd.gif 15/5/24 KD/-7 S HL
Yash98 stCD.png
Great long range poke with nice priority, cancelable of course.
Snka.gif 3/4/6 +2/0 C HL
Yash98 crA.png
Nice and long range for a cr.A. Cancelable into f + A as an anti-mash setup.
Snkb.gif 6/3/10 -1/-3 - L
Yash98 crB.png
It's a fast low! And it's chainable into other lights other than itself as you'd expect (timing is a little slower than other characters).
Snkc.gif 3/2+3/28 -13/-15 C (1st part) HL
Yash98 crC1.png
Yash98 crC2.png
One of the best ground pokes and a fantastic anti-air. The first part when his arm isn't fully extended is cancelable.
Snkd.gif 9/3(5)5/22 KD/-9 C/- L/L
Yash98 crD1.png
Yash98 crD2.png
Very long range sweep, cancelable and easily cancelable on whiff for safety.
Snka.gif 6/9/- -/- - H
Yash98 jA.png
Awesome jump-in. Similar to Kyo's j.B. Can be used as an instant overhead on large characters (short hop only).
Snkb.gif 7/9 -/- - H
Yash98 jB.png
Okay air-to-air or as a jump-in I guess. There are better jump attacks for those specific uses, though.
Snkc.gif 8/5 -/- - H
Yash98 jC.png
Good jump-in, excellent crossup. Experiment to find the crossup hitbox, it's a little weird.
Snkd.gif 7/7 -/- - H
Yash98 jD.png
Awesome air-to-air and air-to-ground from long range. Short hop up/back with this is a great poke.
Snkc.gif+Snkd.gif 11/4 KD/- - HL
Yash98 jCD.png
Great air-to-air when they are slightly above you obviously. Good anti-air vs Choi.
Command Normals

f + Snka.gif

22/3/24 KD/-9 - H
Yash98 fA.png
Overhead and knocks down when done alone. Fast, cancelable, and non-overhead when chained.
f + Snka.gif (cancel) 12/3/24 -7/-9 S HL
f + Snkb.gif 11/5/28 -13/-15 S HL
Yash98 fB.png
Always fast and cancelable, does more damage than f + A but doesn't travel as far. This is the move of choice to cancel into on your opponent's wakeup, since if they reversal roll backwards, you can still whiff cancel into f + B with the same timing (close C/D > f + B) and catch their roll anyway.

Normal Throws

  • b or f + C - Breakable, forward knockdown, face forward, rollable.

  • b or f + D - Breakable, reverse knockdown, back turned, un-rollable.

Special Moves

  • Upper Duel (dp + P) - Yashiro does an uppercut with a jumping one follow up if hits, use it to counter your opponent who's trying to punish your mistake on bad timing, you might get lucky on the autoguard.

  • Missile Might Bash (hcb + P) - A wild series of punches in the mid section. The move is a lot safer than the same move in KOF97 (which was absolutely easy to be punished if blocked).

  • Sledgehammer (qcb + K) - Yashiro does a fast forward leaping downward swing, use if after a blocked attack, a decent overhead move for suprise tactics.

  • Jet Counter (hcf + P) - A very quick rush punch to the mid section of the enemy, Yashiro dashes and does a uppercut to the opoponent's jaw in A version, C version its an overhead downward swing, and with a bit frames of invicibility, safe on block
    • Jet Counter: Still (hcf + P > qcf + P) - A version is a straight punch aimed at the opponent's face that doesn't knock down, C version is an uppercut that knocks down.

Desperation Moves

  • Million Bash Stream (qcb hcf + P > P rapidly) - Can mash P to deal more hits, a nice combo ender and cheap damage maker.

  • Final Impact (qcf qcf + P, may charge) - Can hold P to charge and deal a lot more of damage, though impractical in matches, use it at your own risk for far combat.

Fastest Attacks

  • 0F: C throw; D throw
  • 1F: -
  • 2F: -
  • 3F: cl.A; cl.B; cl.C; cl.D; st.A; cr.A; cr.C
  • 4F: st.B
  • 5F: -
  • 6F: cr.B
  • 7F: -
  • 8F: st.D
  • 9F: cr.D
  • 10F: st.C


  • Best jump-ins:
    • j.A
    • j.C
    • j.D

  • cr.C / cl.D / cl.C / st.C > f + A
    • (S)DM qcb hcf + P > P rapidly (Very close.)
    • (S)DM qcf qcf + P (Can always use f + B before instead of f + A for more damage)
    • hcf + A > qcf + P
    • hcb + C (Very close.)
    • dp + C (Very close.)

  • cr.B / cr.A, cr.A, cr.A / st.A > (S)DM qcf qcf + P

  • cr.B / cr.A, cr.A, cr.A / st.A, st.B

  • cr.B, cr.A >
    • (S)DM qcf qcf + P
    • dp + A

  • Simple buffers:
    • f + A / f + B > (S)DM qcf qcf + P
      • qcf + A/B > qcf + P
    • cr.B, st.A / cl.A / cl.B > (S)DM qcf qcf + P
      • cr.B, qcf + A/B > qcf + P (As cr.B is not cancelable, qcf + A/B will chain into a normal attack.)

Strategy Corner

  • MAX: cl.D > f + A > hcf + A > qcf + C

deals just a tiny less damage (~ 3/4 cl.A) than

  • cl.D > f + B > qcf qcf + P

Keep this in mind, when you need to decide whether to trigger MAX or keep meter for a DM.