The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match/Omega Rugal

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Boss version of Rugal. Obviously banned material, not available in ranked or filtered out from player match. Only meant for casuals among friends or arcade mode.

Moves List

Normal throws
Scorpion Death Lock (throw) Right.gif/Left.gif + Snkc.gif
Scorpion Blow (throw) Right.gif/Left.gif + Snkd.gif
Command moves
Double Tomahawk Right.gif + Snkb.gif
Special moves
Gravity Smash Qcf.gif + Punch.gif
Dark Barrier Qcf.gif + Kick.gif
Banishing Rush Hcb.gif Punch.gif
Dark Genocide Dp.gif + Kick.gif
Super special moves
Gigantic Pressure Qcf.gif Hcb.gif + Punch.gif
Rugal Execution Qcf.gif Qcf.gif + Punch.gif
Destruction Omega Qcf.gif Qcf.gif + Kick.gif

The Basics

  • Genocide Cutter everytime your opponent jumps at your or does a very readable attack
  • Do your high damage combos
  • Your ground Gravity Smash can be beat by some characters sweep attacks up close, so be careful trying to abuse it.

Advanced Strategy


  • st.Snka.gif or st.Snkb.gif,Right.gif+Snkb.gif >> Hcb.gif+Snkc.gif >> Dp.gif+Snkd.gif or Qcf.gif,Qcf.gif+Snkb.gif
  • cr.Snkc.gif or st.Snkd.gifRight.gif+Snkb.gif >> Hcb.gif+Snkc.gif >> Dp.gif+Snkd.gif or Qcf.gif,Qcf.gif+Snkb.gif