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Best Striker of game.

With striker Kasumi, you can interrupt jumps and rushs, steal meter, knockdown the opponent, corner carry, and combo with DM / SDM. She's a multipurpose striker thus.

That's why she's considered like best striker in this game.

When she's playable, she's Mid-tier

Qualities :

  • various counter moves
  • Pretty good mixup
  • Her qcf.a (gets an air to built meter,
  • Her counter dm do a lot of damages
  • Her Chou Hasane Ate Super covers the entire screen (can surprise when opponent's jumping)

Faults :

  • Hard to play cause must mind opponent well to use her counter moves
  • Her Chou Hasane Ate Super just gets same damage of thus not powerful (however powerful in sdm)
  • No safe normal attacks and bad reach



Maki Age >> When close - b / f + C

Aiki Nage >> When close - b / f + D

COMMAND ATTACKS----------------------------------------------------------------

Hiji Ate >> f + A >> Overhead (2nd hit).

   Cannot be cancelled.

SPECIAL MOVES------------------------------------------------------------------

Kasane Ate >> qcf + P >> Can be done in the air.

Hakuzantou >> qcb + K >> Has autoguard (1).

Messhin Mutou >> hcf + B >> Counters aerial attacks.

Sasshoin Shou >> hcf + D >> Counters ground attacks.

Tatsumakisouda >> When close - hcb + P >> Unblockable.


Senkou Sagashi >> qcb + P >> Can be done up to three times.

DESPERATION MOVES--------------------------------------------------------------

Chou Kasane Ate >> qcf, qcf + P

Shingan Kuzu Otoshi >> qcf, hcb + P >> Counters anything except throws and projectiles.


normal attacks > f+A > qcb+P x3 or qcf+P or hcb + P + follow-up (qcf, qcf + P for example)

cr.B > cr.A or cl.A > hcb + P + follow-up (qcf, qcf + P for example)

j.D > j.qcf+P