The King of Fighters '99/Kensou

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God-tier character with infinite combos and very good recovery moves.

Cannot counter attack safely on him given quality of his recovery moves.

Meaty st+D who permits with his dp+P to blockstun infinite (before the opponent can own a meter).

His hcf+C can be used like an anti-air if used correctly with his rdp+K .

Can counter hit the opponent often with his qcb+P (who gets very good recovery) .

Banned in china.

On the other hand he's bad as Striker.



Sunda >> When close - b / f + C

Tomoe Nage >> When close - b / f + D

COMMAND ATTACKS----------------------------------------------------------------

Ko Bokushu >> f + A >> Overhead.

   Can be cancelled into a special move.

Gousen Tai >> f + B >> Evades several low attacks.

   Can be cancelled into a special move.

SPECIAL MOVES------------------------------------------------------------------

Ryuu Renga : Chiryuu >> hcf + A >> Has autoguard (1).

   Evades several low attacks.

Ryuu Renga : Tenryuu >> hcf + C >> Has autoguard (1).

   Evades several normal attacks.

Ryuu Gakusai >> b, d, db + K >> Evades several normal attacks.

Ryuu Renda >> f, d, df + P, tap P repeatedly >> Juggles.

Sen Shippo >> qcb + P >> Neutralizes footsweeps when close.

   Knockdown (2).
   Evades several normal attacks.

Senkyuu Tai >> qcf + K >> Has autoguard (1).

   Juggles (2).

Ryuu Sougeki >> In the air - qcb + P

DESPERATION MOVES--------------------------------------------------------------

Shinryuu Seiou Rekkyaku >> qcf, hcb + B >> Evades several normal attacks.

Shinryuu Tenbu Kyaku >> qcf, hcb + D >> Evades several normal attacks.

Chouryuu Rekken >> qcf, qcf + P


Far C (2 hit) > hcf+A

cr.A > cr.A > qcb + A

qcf+K > rdp+D or hcf´C

Close C > dp+P (mash) > hcf + C

Close C or Close D > qcf, hcb + D

[Infinite Combo in corner]

Close C or Close D > dp+P (mash) > qcf+K (infinite) > rdp+D