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Top-tier character (in top 3 of best no-banned characters in kof99 certainly).

Tank / Counter-hit / Poke / Fundamental mixup type character.

Famous friend of Clark and Leona.

Qualities :

  • Very good damage (more powerful character of game with Chang)
  • Easy to play
  • All his normal attacks gets high priority, good recovery and good reach
  • Best j.CD of game or in all the cases one of best.
  • Gets unblockable Galactica Phantom after Umanori Vulcan Punch
  • Gets a command throw and can built meter with it
  • Very good frame trap gameplay

Faults :

  • No fireball
  • No reversal on wakeup
  • Not so good high/low mixup to a top tier

Mid-Tier as Striker.



Dynamite Headbomb >> When close - b / f + C

Northern Light Bomb >> When close - b / f + D

COMMAND ATTACKS----------------------------------------------------------------


SPECIAL MOVES------------------------------------------------------------------

Gatling Attack >> Charge b, f + P

Super Argentine Backbreaker >> When close - hcf + K >> Unblockable.

Ralf Kick >> Charge K for 3 sec., release >> The longer you charge, the more damage you inflict.

Kyuukouka Bakudan Punch (Chijou) >> Charge d, u + P

Kyuukouka Bakudan Punch (Kuuchuu) >> In the air - qcf + P

Vulcan Punch >> Tap P repeatedly

Ralf Tackle >> hcb + K >> Has autoguard.

DESPERATION MOVES--------------------------------------------------------------

Galactica Phantom >> qcf, qcf + P >> Has autoguard (SDM).

Baribari Vulcan punch >> qcf, hcb + P >> Evades low attacks.

Umanori Vulcan Punch >> qcb, hcf + K


Jump Attack > Close C > mash C

Jump Attack > Close C > hcf+K or hcb+B

Jump Attack > Close C > qcf,hcb+P or qcb,hcf+K

j.C or j.D > cr.A * 2 > b charge f+C

In-depth Analysis


Fastest Attacks

  • 0F: C throw; D throw; hcf + K
  • 1F: cl.A
  • 2F: cl.B; cr.A; st.A
  • 3F: ; 'cr.B
  • 4F: ; st.B;
  • 5F: (b) f + A; cr.C, cr.D
  • 6F: -
  • 7F: cl.C; cl.D; (b) f + C; (S)DM hcb qcf + K
  • 8F: C rapidly; (d) u + A
  • 9F: A rapidly
  • 10F: st.D; (d) u + C
  • 11F: st.C


Frames Advantage Cancel Block Hitbox Notes
Standing Close
Snka.gif 1/6/5 +1/-1 R,C,S HL
Ralf cl A.jpg
Snkb.gif 2/6/5 +1/-1 C HL
Ralf cl B.jpg
Nice as a meaty, since you can link stuff of of it. Good as a combo filler after a crossup, too.
Snkc.gif 7/4/16 0/-2 C, S, Su HL
Ralf cl C.jpg
Most damaging fast move to combo into backbreaker. Some characters can crouch under it, though.
Snkd.gif 7/4/12 +4/+2 - HL
Ralf cl D.jpg
Looks stupid, but hops over lows/throws, so be aware of that.
Standing Far
Snka.gif 2/7/5 0/-2 - HL
Ralf stA.jpg
Short range, but weirdly high priority. I've seen it beat quite a lot of shit because it stays out for longer than most standing As. Anti-air vs short hop.
Snkb.gif 4/8/5 -1/-3 - HL
Ralf stB.jpg
Not bad, fast, hits most characters crouching, unlike standing A.
Snkc.gif 11/5/21 -6/-8 HL
Ralf stC.jpg
Snkd.gif 10/7/14 -1/-3 - HL
Ralf stD.jpg
Can't be crouched under, so it's got that going for it. Slower and shorter-ranged than standing C, so don't use this if you can use that.
Snkc.gif+Snkd.gif 16/6/12 KD/+4 S, Su HL
Ralf CD.jpg
Nice range. Cancel into backbreaker for free on block in most situations. Some characters can crouch under it. Also note that as a CD counter, it will make him go far forward, which makes it miss against jump-ins a lot, but is very good against fireballs because of the forward range.
Snka.gif 2/3/8 1/-1 R, C, S HL
Ralf cr A.jpg
Cancelable, combo filler of choice along with cr.C for characters that can crouch under his close C.
Snkb.gif 3/4/8 0/-2 - L
Ralf crB.jpg
It's low. Can link into backbreaker too.
Snkc.gif 5/7/10 +3/+1 C, S, Su HL
Ralf cr C.jpg
Awesome high-priority move, much like standing C but lower to the ground. Cancelable, and Ralf's most meaty attack. It's super meaty (ie stays out for a long time).
Snkd.gif 5/5/14 KD/-1 - L
Ralf cr D.jpg
A sweep.
Snka.gif 2/8/3 -/- C H
Ralf j A.jpg
Snkb.gif 4/10/7 -/- - H
Ralf j B.jpg
Good, fast air-to-air or air-to-ground at range. Huge priority.
Snkc.gif 8/9/4 -/- C H
Ralf j C.jpg
Crosses up, good downward reach, cancelable.
Snkd.gif 8/10/5 -/- - H
Ralf j D.jpg
Best jump-in combo starter along with jumping C.
Snkc.gif+Snkd.gif 12/9/1 KD/- S HL
Ralf j CD.jpg
One of better jumping CD attacks in the game. A little slow, but great huge priority and blockstun.
Neutral Jump
Snka.gif 5/8/- -/- - H
Ralf n A.jpg
Snkb.gif 3/8/4 -/- - H
Ralf n B.jpg
Snkc.gif 4/11/4 -/- - H
Ralf n C.jpg
Snkd.gif 8/10/4 -/- - H
Ralf n D.jpg