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Top-tier character (in top 5 of best no-banned characters in kof99) . New KOF character and sister of K'

Qualities :

  • Best high/low mixups of game (her Strength Shot Type A who's Overhead, her Strength Shot Type C who's low etc)
  • Best j.c of game (crossup, can hit overhead and low, depending where you hit oponenent, who help her to her mixups thus), one of best j.d of game to air-to-air and one of best of game
  • Nice backdash (who help her to keep away fastly opponent)
  • One of best characters to zoning (cr.a and nj.c who gets high priority and long reach cause her "whip")
  • Good damage
  • her cr.b can connect in combo after Cancel roll forward

Faults :

  • Doesn't build meter fast
  • Never stun opponent in matches
  • Her far normal attacks are unsafe, not cancellable thus without interest
  • Only one dm (even if good dm)
  • No reversal
  • Pretty hard to play comparing to most others characters
  • One of worst cd and cr.c of game

Bad as Striker

Whip Sideswitch setup cornered (if opponent doesn't roll)

In the first place, you must hop crossup with j.C and do this combo at 2p side close to 2p corner :

Close B x1-2 > cr.B > qcb,hcf+P

After doing this combo, you must do 6A and after hyper hop with j.C and redo the same combo :

Close B x1-2 > cr.B > qcb,hcf+P

At 1:39 of this video



Alpha >> When close - b / f + C >> Can be followed with Gun Shot.

Tsuetto (?) >> When close - b / f + D >> Can be followed with Gun Shot.

COMMAND ATTACKS----------------------------------------------------------------

Whip Shot >> f + A >> Can be done up to 5 times.

SPECIAL MOVES------------------------------------------------------------------

Boomerang Shoot "Code : SC" >> hcf + P

Assassin Strike "Code : BB" >> f, d, df + P/K

Hook Shot "Code : Kaze" >> In the air - qcb + P

Strength Shot Type A "Code : Yuuetsu" >> hcb + A, hold A to delay >> Overhead (2).

Strength Shot Type B "Code : Chikara" >> hcb + B, hold B to delay

Strength Shot Type C "Code : Shuuri" >> hcb + C, hold C to delay >> Hits low (2).

Strength Shot Type D "Code : Ame" >> While delaying any Strength Shot - Press D

Desert Eagle >> b, d, db + P, tap P to fire repeatedly >> Hits low.

   Hits opponents on the ground.
   After the sixth shot, Whip will reload the gun.
   (I thought the Desert Eagle has a max. ammo count of 15?)

DESPERATION MOVES--------------------------------------------------------------

Sonic Slaughter "Code : KW" >> qcb, hcf + P >> Evades 1-hit when SDM.


Close B x1-3> A > cr.B > hcf+C

Jump Attack > Close B x1-2 > cr.B > hcf+C

Jump Attack > Close B > cr.B > qcb,hcf+P

hcb+D > Close D > hcf+P