The King of Fighters '99/Yuri

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Ryo's sister and Robert's girlfriend.

One of best striker of game but the worst playable character of game also.

Qualities :

  • An overhead
  • A fireball
  • Her dm/sdm do good damage
  • Her dp.c gets also good damage to a combo
  • has a invincible on startup dp.a

Faults :

  • Doesn't built meter quickly
  • All her specials/supers are unsafe, almost all her stand normal attacks also even if good reach
  • Worst fireball : bad startup, cannot combo, not so powerful and easily dodgy and punishable
  • Her qcf.k and qcb.p are pretty useless
  • except dm/sdm, dp.c and qcb.p, others moves have no good damage
  • a f+b useless
  • Her Hyakuretsu Binta is a little longer to place compared to previous kofs



Oni Harite >> When close - b / f + C

Silent Nage >> When close - b / f + D

Tsubame Otoshi >> When close in the air - any direction but u + C / D

COMMAND ATTACKS----------------------------------------------------------------

En Yoku >> f + A >> Overhead.

Senkai Kyaku >> f + B, B >> Overhead (1).

SPECIAL MOVES------------------------------------------------------------------

Ko Ou Ken >> qcf + P

Haou Shou Kou Ken >> qcf + P, hold P

Rai Ou Ken >> qcf + K

Hien Shippuu Ken (Yuri Chou Knuckle) >> qcb + P, hold P to charge move. >> Has autoguard.

   Juggles (3).

Hien Senpuu Kyaku (Yuri Chou Mawashi Geri) >> qcb + K >> Evades several low attacks.

Kuuga (Yuri Chou Upper) >> f, d, df + P >> Evades several normal attacks.

   Can be followed with Ura Kuuga.

/Ura Kuuga (Double Yuri Chou Upper) >> After C Kuuga - f, d, df + P

Hyakuretsu Binta >> hcb, f + K >> Unblockable.

   Evades low attacks.

DESPERATION MOVES--------------------------------------------------------------

Hien Houou Kyaku >> qcf, hcb + K >> Evades several normal attacks.

Shin! Chou Upper >> qcf, qcf + P >> Evades weak attacks and special moves.

   Stuns opponent when hit (1).

Hien Rekkou >> qcf, qcf + K >> Evades strong attacks and special moves.


cr.B > B > qcb+B

Close C > dp+C > dp+C

Close C > qcf,hcb+K