The King of Fighters 2002/Movelist Guide

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How to read the movelist table

Frames Advantage Cancel Block Hitbox Notes
Standing Close
Snka.gif 3/4/9 -1/-3 R,C,S,Su HL
Ryo02 clA.png

From left to right, the numbers are startup frames (before the move actually hits), the active frames (when the move is hitting) and the recovery frames (how long before your character can act again.)
Startup count does not include any active frames, i.e. a move with 2 startup frames will hit on the 3rd frame.
If two or more numbers appear separated by a * sign (e.g. 3*3), it means there are two hits during the active period that follow one immediately after the other, with no break.
If they are separated by a + sign (e.g. 3+3), it means the hitbox changes during but the move will only hit once.
If they are separated by a third number in parentheses (i.e. 3(5)3) it means the two 3-frame hits would be separated by an inactive period of 5 frames.
If the third number is in brackets rather than parentheses (i.e. 3[5]3) it means there are two active periods separated by a gap, but the move will only hit once.
A ~ indicates that the number of frames for that period will vary depending on certain factors (usually a delayed cancel.)

The first number is advantage on hit; the second is advantage on block. A negative number indicates disadvantage. "KD" indicates the move knocks down.

How the move can be cancelled.

  • K - Kara. Can be cancelled before the active frames.
  • R - Rapid cancel. Can be cancelled into other light attacks.
  • C - Command. Can be cancelled into command normals.
  • S - Special. Can be cancelled into special moves.
  • Su - Super. Can be cancelled into super moves.
  • Fi - Can be free cancelled into during maxmode.
  • Fo - Can be free cancelled out of during maxmode.

How the move must be blocked.

  • H - The move must be blocked high, i.e. it hits overhead.
  • L - The move must be blocked low.
  • HL - The move can be blocked high or low. Note that jumping CD can be blocked low, unlike other jumping normals.

Red: Attack box (hitbox)
Blue: Hittable box (hurtbox)
Cyan: Collision box (pushbox)
Green: Autoguard box (guard point)
White: Throwable box
Magenta: Grab attack box
Orange: Fireball attack box
Yellow: Fireball hittable box
If a move has a yellow box but no orange one it will cancel fireballs but is not a projectile itself.

Special notes about the move, if any.