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KOF XIII ver 1.0

The initial arcade Taito Type X2 game, released July 14, 2010.

KOF XIII ver 1.1

Arcade patch released October 07, 2010, after SBO 2010. Did not alter character balance other than altering of infinites and glitches:

  • Removed bug that gave Takuma access to EX Hien Shippukyaku even with 0 Super Meter.
  • Removed bug that gave Daimon access to EX Jinraishin even with 0 Super Meter.
  • Mature's rekka infinite removed. Required only one Drive Cancel to set up.
  • Joe's infinite removed. Corner juggle properties tweaked on specials.
  • Removed game-breaking glitches:
    • Vice could crash the game with her throw.
    • Ralf's Neomax could cause opponent to become stuck in the air if traded as antiair.
    • Hwa Jai's offscreen glitch removed.
  • Raiden now takes damage if his anti-air grab trades.
  • Roll HD glitch removed.
  • K' is no longer vulnerable to attacks and throws off a Guard Cancel Roll.
  • No longer possible for players to roll out of Iori's Maiden Masher DM on hit.

King of Fighters-i

iPhone port of KOF XIII, combining aspects from ver 1.1 with the console release.

KOF XIII console

Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 port of KOF XIII, including many system and balance changes.

  • Neomax only uses 2 stocks if HD mode is activated. Previously, it would require 3 stocks regardless.
  • The hitstun on normal jump attacks has been reduced.
  • Special attacks in the air have generally been made to come out faster, so combos from canceling air normal moves into specials that could be done in the arcade version can still be done.
  • Desperation Moves can be scaled down to 40% in combos (as opposed to 50% before). However, the scaling for Neomax DM's is unchanged, making them a better choice for ending HD combos. Moves that were unaffected by damage scaling in the arcade version continue to do 100% of their damage in the console version.
  • You now get more meter when you are hit by or block an opponent's attacks.
  • Backdash becomes airborne on the 1st frame. This can be used to escape combos on wakeup.
  • The guard meter's recovery timing and recovery speed has been changed. Compared to the arcade version, it starts to recover sooner after blocking an attack, but its pace of recovery is slower.
  • Character-specific changes listed on their respective pages