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Shen Woo

KOFXIII-Shen Face.png

In a nutshell

Shen the Shanghainese brawler likes to drink and beat people senseless in the streets. Shen is an offensive beast with almost every tool imaginable available to him to deal with whatever is thrown his way. While infamous for his killer Hyperdrive combos, Shen is strong placed anywhere on a team. His low mixup is somewhat lackluster without HD Meter, but Shen can easily make up for it with his command grab and the wall of hitboxes on his normals. Shen's a low execution character who's easy to learn while being a superb team member for advanced players.

Video Walkthrough

Move List

Normal Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Standing Light Punch
Chaincancel.png Cancel.png
Standing Light Kick
Standing Heavy Punch
Autoguard.png Supercancel.png
Close Heavy Punch
Close Kof.sp.png
Standing Heavy Kick
Close Heavy Kick
Crouching Light Punch
D.png + Kof.lp.png
Chaincancel.png Cancel.png
Crouching Light Kick
D.png +
Low.png Cancel.png
Crouching Heavy Punch
D.png + Kof.sp.png
1st hitbox: Cancel.png
Crouching Heavy Kick
D.png +
Low.png Softknockdown.png Cancel.png
Blowback Attack
Kof.sp.png +
Softknockdown.png Specialcancel.png
Jumping Light Punch
Air Kof.lp.png
Jump: 45
Hop: 40
Jumping Light Kick
Jump: 45
Hop: 40
Jumping Heavy Punch
Air Kof.sp.png
Jump: 72
Hop: 70
Jumping Heavy Kick
Jump: 70
Hop: 68
Jumping Blowback Attack
Air Kof.sp.png +
Jump: 90
Hop: 80

Unique Attacks

Special Properties (glossary)
F.png +


Special Properties (glossary)
F.png or B.png + Kof.sp.png or (while close)
Throw.png Hardknockdown.png

Special Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Qcf.png + P.png
Kof.lp.png : 65
Kof.sp.png : 70
Ex.png : 100
Ex.png : Armored.png
Kof.sp.png Gekiken then hold
Charged lv. 1: 80
Charged lv. 2: 85
Charged lv. 3: 200
Charged lv. 3: Crumple.png
Gekiken (Feint)
Gekiken! charge then K.png
Qcb.png + Kof.lp.png
Kof.lp.png : 60
Ex.png : 70
Fukkogeki then Qcf.png + Kof.lp.png
Kof.lp.png : 50
Ex.png : 80
Hcb.png F.png + P.png
Throw.png Drivecancel.png
Ex.png : Crumple.png
Danken (Reflect)
Qcb.png + Kof.sp.png
Projectileabsorb.png Specialcancel.png
Qcf.png + K.png : 50 : 70
Ex.png (close range) : 55×2
Ex.png (far range): 50+55

Desperation Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Tatsu: Gekiken
Qcf.png Qcf.png + P.png
P.png : 220
Ex.png : 320
Counterhit.png : Wallbounce.png Maxcancel.png Startupinv.png
Kof.sp.png ~ Kof.lp.png ~ ~ Kof.sp.png
Costs 2 Stocks. 30% Damage increase Maxcancel.png Startupinv.png
Tenshou Bakushingeki
Qcf.png Hcb.png + Kof.lp.png + Kof.sp.png

Console Changes

  • Gekiken (Feint) (qcf+[C] > K) has faster recovery. However, it will not work if the kick button is pressed too soon.
  • Gekiken! (qcf+[C]) does about half a bar of guard crush damage. Previously, it would fully guard crush most characters.
  • Danken (hcb f+P) has slower startup and still has no invincibility. However, it can be Drive-canceled.
  • Danken (Reflect) (qcb+C) builds up meter if successful. It still does not build any Drive meter.
  • EX Fukkogeki > Koryugeki (qcb+AC > qcf+A) has slower recovery when blocked. It is completely punishable.


Move Analysis

Normal Moves

  • Standing Light Punch (Snka.gif) - Standard Standing Light Punch for anti-airing and controlling the hop space while being vulnerable to low attacks. Whiffs when performed against crouching characters, if for some reason the opponent blocks it standing Shen is left at a large advantage.
  • Standing Light Kick (Snkb.gif) - A very fast horizontal poke that's great for quickly checking the opponent instead of committing to a slower Heavy attack. Unlike most Standing Light Kicks, this one neither hits low nor is cancelable making it only viable as a mid-hitting poke or as part of a HD combo hitconfirm. A covertly great grounded spacing tool.
  • Standing Heavy Punch (Snkc.gif) - This baby is THE 'Far C' move. Shen attacks a little below shoulder level which makes this move hit crouching opponents, while still being high enough to control the hop space in front of him or serve as an anti-air (especially with the autoguard). The range isn't too amazing on this punch and Shen has some hefty recovery on whiff making it a risk if range is miscalculated. Otherwise a really meaty poke that can lead into big damage.
    • During the startup there's a window of guard frames on Shen's upper body which helps when using this attack to anti-air. Do note that Shen only has one point of autoguard, meaning he can only absorb one hit so he can't counter as liberally as Maxima can.
    • On hit a player can cancel Standing Heavy Punch into any of Shen's DMs. Hitconfirming into his DM isn't too hard, though be sure the opponent is hit on the ground.
  • Close Heavy Punch (Close Snkc.gif) - An inward body blow aimed around an opponent's lower torso. This move comes out slightly faster than Shen's Close Heavy Kick making it the normal of choice to be canceled into F.gif + Snkb.gif. Pretty standard as far as Close normals go while not hitting high enough to be used as an anti-air, but nonetheless an important tool for starting Shen's blockstrings/hitconfirms.
  • Standing Heavy Kick (Snkd.gif) - Shen performs a long spinkick similar to Iori's Standing Heavy Kick. Likewise it carries with it a really long reach that hits both standing and crouching opponents. This is Shen's longest poke which controls a large portion of the ground space when active.
    • An opponent could read the Standing Heavy Kick and attempt to hop or jump on it to beat it, or during the startup Shen could be counterhit out, especially when the opponent has the advantage.
    • From the max hittable range of the poke an opponent would have to commit to a sweep or heavy normal to outpoke it, which the Shen player could bait and punish on whiff, or by hopping over the attack. From this max range an opponent could more easily hop over Shen's leg and combo him, so be aware of how the opponent reacts at each range.
  • Close Heavy Kick (Close Snkd.gif) - Knee to the chest. Starts up slower and is used less than Close Heavy Punch in close situations, but this move works a little better as an anti-air than the latter should it come out instead of a throw due to the slightly taller hitbox and from Shen's body bending back.
  • Crouching Light Punch (Down.gif+ Snka.gif) - Similar to Shen's Standing Light Punch but done crouching while Shen opens his mouth. Shen can't get much damage off of canceling his Crouching Light Punch so this normal isn't used much at all as Crouching Light Kick out-ranges it while hitting low.
    • A player can use the cancelability property of this move to open up an opponent. By canceling into a safe special the opponent will begin to respect Crouching Light Punch, remaining blocking afterward. This opens up an opportunity for the Shen player to continue an offense from attacking again during this hesitation.
  • Crouching Light Kick (Down.gif+ Snkb.gif) - Long-reaching low kick that can be chained three times from up close, but isn't cancelable. His low chain series works great as a Hyperdrive mode hitconfirm, but otherwise serves more for making an opponent block low. Works as a tripguard meaty and can be incorporated into Shen's offensive pressure, but opponents wont be too afraid of this move until Shen's sitting on a full HD stock or when the opponent's Guard Gauge is low.
    • From up close, a player can link EX Danken ( Hcb.gifF.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif ) command grab on hit, or Shen's Down.gif+ Snkc.gif.
  • Crouching Heavy Punch (Down.gif+ Snkc.gif) - A mighty anti-air standing uppercut, just look at that arm shake! The vertical hitbox on this move is an aerial wall, while having no horizontal reach. As such it makes for one of Shen's best anti-airs against jumps or hops where the opponent will jump into Shen's arm. If whiffed, Shen continues shaking his arm in recovery which gives the opponent a large window to punish for a full combo. Ideally used when on reaction to a hop or jump.
    • While this normal is technically cancelable, this only refers to a very short hitting window that occurs before Shen stands up, from which point Shen can't cancel into anything.
  • Crouching Heavy Kick (Down.gif+ Snkd.gif) - Low-hitting, cancelable sweep kick. Works the same as other sweeps for frametrap applications and for punishing grounded pokes. Since Shen's Crouching Light Kick doesn't always lead to much damage, using Crouching Heavy Kick as a tripguard anti-air against poor air-to-ground approaches may work better as the Shen player would score a soft knockdown.
    • Most commonly canceled into a Gekiken! Feint (Qcf.gif + Snkc.gif~Kick.gif) to make the player safer on block, hit, or whiff and build meter.
  • Blowback Attack (Snkc.gif + Snkd.gif) - After a heavy startup time, Shen moves forward into a shoulder tackle. Fairly standard Blowback Attack, but the hitbox range isn't that long. Instead the most interesting aspect is how fast Shen sneaks forward before the hipcheck.
    • Works alright in the corner when fishing for Counterhits or as a bold anti-air that reaches out further than Crouching Heavy Punch.
  • Jumping Light Punch (Air Snka.gif) - Downward punch angled higher than Jumping Heavy Punch making it a poorer air-to-ground while still being a poor air-to-air. Not much usefulness.
  • Jumping Light Kick (Air Snkb.gif) - High-angled upward kick with a fast startup, making for a great air-to-air option against opponents above or in front of Shen. Leaves Shen vulnerable to lows if whiffed from a jump.
  • Jumping Heavy Punch (Air Snkc.gif) - Shen punches almost directly downward below him. Carries a deep vertical hitbox making for Shen's best air-to-ground approach from a hop. This attack causes a solid deal of hitstun allowing it to come out earlier than Jumping Heavy Kick while still allowing Shen to combo afterward.
  • Jumping Heavy Kick (Air Snkd.gif) - Horizontal Rider Kick. Can air-to-air opponents below Shen near the end of his foot or closer, while as a ground-to-air approach works best when Shen's shoe just touches the opponent. In a situation where Shen wouldn't hit with the end of his leg from this move, Jumping Heavy Punch would work better as an aerial approach. Likewise when the punch would whiff, use the kick. The hitstun on this move is low, meaning a player should use this move close to the ground in order to result in the most frame advantage. Additionally, Shen can cross up with the back end of this move.
  • Jumping Blowback Attack (Air Snkc.gif + Snkd.gif) - Jumping backfist and otherwise giant hitbox. The bulk of this move is by Shen's fist, making it poorer up close where Jumping Heavy Punch would connect much easier and earlier. The player can, however easily make this move hit crouching opponents if activated late on Shen's aerial arc.
    • When used from the same spacing as Jumping Heavy Kick this baby is an outstanding air-to-ground approach and air-to-air controller. Simultaneous air and ground control makes this Shen's best aerial move to throw out if unsure where the opponent will be near the end of the jump. Commands good respect when spaced and timed correctly telling an opponent they can not advance.

Unique Attacks

  • Fusenkyaku (Right.gif + Snkb.gif) - The big boot. A straight, cancelable kick to an opponent's tummy. Only combos from a Close Heavy normal, but can be canceled into from said normals for free in order to extend his hitconfirm length, while Shen can cancel into a Qcf.gif + Snkc.gif Feint to make the command normal advantageous on block.
    • Allows for all of Shen's specials and DMs to connect on hit. Slow to start up if used on its own which makes it real risky, and if not feint canceled leaves Shen somewhat vulnerable.
    • Canceling into a feint builds meter and makes Shen safe from retaliation and Blowback Counter Attacks, but canceling into Qcf.gif + Snkd.gif on block could anti-air an opponent hoping to hop immediately after the Right.gif + Snkb.gif, while giving Shen time to score another hit after the launch.


  • Kokakugeki (Right.gif or Left.gif + Snkc.gif or Snkd.gif [While Close]) - Triple headbutt throw that places the opponent a hop's range away from Shen. The spacing doesn't allow for a tight crossup, but leaves enough time for Shen to meaty the opponent from a hop attack.
    • After landing Danken (Hcb.gifF.gif + Punch.gif) against an opponent the player can begin to incorporate Kokakugeki into throw attempts. An opponent reading Danken (Hcb.gifF.gif + Punch.gif) could hop and punish the whiffed command grab. If an opponent jumps and Kokakugeki is used a Close Snkc.gif or Snkd.gif normal would anti-air the airborne opponent. Similarly Danken (Hcb.gifF.gif + Punch.gif) will lose to Alternate Guarding which results in the Shen player being punished from whiffing. Here again a Kokakugeki attempt will be safer as a normal attack will be triggered if the opponent is not in a throwable state. Trading damage for the safety that comes built in to Kokakugeki is a smart practice against opponents who haven't been able to act in a while and therefore their next move is hard to read.

Special Moves

  • Gekiken - (Qcf.gif + Punch.gif) - Shen's dash punch, similar to Makoto's Hayate from Street Fighter. Moves Shen 1/4 th screen's length. Easy to Drive Cancel into specials or DMs, although not really an efficient setup or situation. Combos from F.gif + Snkb.gif into a soft knockdown.
    • The Snka.gif version is similar in application to Terry's Burn Knuckle from previous KOF games as the hitbox is pretty large and can anti-air, while the punch is safe on block (aka throw it out there if you want to be lazy and control a lot of space). It's only punishable by instant grabs if blocked.
  • Gekiken! - (Qcf.gif + Snkc.gif [Hold to Charge]) - This section will refer to the Snkc.gif version of Shen's dash punch; After the input the player can continue to hold down Snkc.gif to make Shen charge up his punch:
    • There are essentially three levels of charge: instant or not charged, followed by a 'level 2' activated by charging a while, then finally 'level 3' after two seconds.
    • The fully charged punch will automatically be released after two seconds, causing a superflash followed by a dash punch similar to Shen's Qcf.gifQcf.gif + Punch.gif DM but with no invulnerability. If blocked, the level 3 punch will deplete half of the opponent's guard gauge, though Shen is punishable by close normals if this version is blocked.
    • Works as an strong anti-air when released; even on a trade Shen recovers fast enough to combo Qcf.gifQcf.gif + Punch.gif.
    • Moves Shen 2/3 across the screen and can be difficult to punish on block from the uncharged version. This move does not, however, combo from any grounded normals.
    • All versions are unsafe against grapplers, so use cautiously.
    • Gekiken! (Feint) - ([While Charging Qcf.gif + Snkc.gif Press Kick.gif) - Any time while charging Qcf.gif + Snkc.gif the player can press any Kick.gif button to cancel into Shen's neutral stance, identical to how Makoto can also cancel her Hayate.
    • If an opponent blocks Shen's string of j.Snkc.gif cl.Snkc.gif F.gif + Snkb.gif, the player can easily confirm the block into a canceled dash punch which will leave Shen with the frame advantage while making it difficult for an opponent to Guard Cancel Roll or Guard Cancel Blowback successfully.
    • Shen gains a sliver of meter for initiating a dash punch, so even if it's canceled he gains meter.
    • Ex.png Gekiken (Qcf.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif) - Similar in startup to the Snka.gif version with the distance of Qcf.gif + Snkc.gif, but this version gives Shen a hit of armor to absorb an attack and launches the opponent high on hit, allowing his Qcf.gifQcf.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif to link on hit anywhere afterward. Not as strong for plowing through anything like his faster and more invulnerable DMs, but less overt with the lack of a super flash.
  • Fukkogeki - (Qcb.gif + Snka.gif) - Double-handed overhead smash. Shen's only grounded overhead which can also form a solid blockstring when done from F.gif + Snkb.gif. However note that this move is unsafe on block, making it risky to use against a blocking opponent while he use more damaging specials to end a combo. Works well against crumpled opponents though.
    • Ex.png Fukkogeki - (Qcb.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif) - EX overhead slam that works the same as the normal version and still has the followup swing. It's main use is to get a little more damage with the ender now launching an opponent higher which will allow for certain followups to be linked that the normal version lacks. Shen is left highly punishable if this attack is blocked.
    • Koryugeki - (Qcb.gif + Snka.gif) - Followup move to Qcb.gif + Snka.gif that knocks the opponent backward with an upward swing. Even more unsafe on block than the first hit so it should be saved for on hit or in a juggle combo. Players can Drive Cancel this hit to continue a combo.
  • Danken - (Hcb.gifRight.gif + Punch.gif) - A slow command grab smack with a standard KOF command grab range (which is fairly short-reaching as opposed to a Street Fighter '360' range) that combos off any of Shen's cancelable normals, the most notable being off of F.gif + Snkb.gif. The startup it too slow to be used on wakeup as a reversal as Shen will always lost to a meaty attack. The slower speed also makes it more difficult for Shen to tick or land the grab raw since players can press buttons to hit Shen out of the startup. More useful in combos or against a patient player that's more prone to blocking.
    • Gives Shen an alright frame advantage from the soft knockdown and more importantly pushes an opponent back far toward the corner.
    • Ex.png Danken - (Hcb.gifRight.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif) - An Ex.png pimp slap that sends opponents groveling on their knees. This version is a 1-frame command grab so Shen can land it off many more setups. After the backhand, the opponent is crumpled which gives Shen a followup.
    • Due to Shen's low threat being weak without full HD meter and as an instant grab is faster than a Crouching Light Kick, performing an empty hop into this grab will catch blocking opponents and beat the throwtech option select, making it a cool addition to Shen's offensive game.
    • Having a meter stored for EX Danken allows Shen to punish more moves that are only slightly negative on block.
    • Shen can link into this attack from his Crouching Light Kick.
    • The EX grab's throw range is increased compared to the normal version.
  • Danken (Reflect) - (Qcb.gif + Snkc.gif) - A projectile deflector (Shen does not actually reflect the projectile back at the opponent) that will make Shen smack aside any fireball unfortunate enough to head into his hand.
    • After nullifying an projectile, the player can freely cancel Shen into any special or DM move. By canceling into a Qcf.gif + Snkc.gif Feint Shen builds extra meter while returning to neutral even faster.
    • From close ranges, a player could turn a deflect into a damage opportunity with a DM or by releasing the Qcf.gif + Snkc.gif. So even without meter to steamroll through projectiles Shen has an answer to them.
  • Tenrenken - (Qcf.gif + Kick.gif) - After sliding forward a bit, Shen goes into an uppercut. Snkb.gif version is faster and travels a short distance, but launches an opponent lower than the Snkd.gif version. Snkd.gif version connects from F.gif + Snkb.gif, but doesn't launch a grounded opponent very high initially. The Snkd.gif uppercut is also safe on block, so unlike the weak and EX versions it has blockstring potential.
    • Builds a lot of meter on whiff and on hit.
    • Once an opponent is airborne, a player should land as many Qcf.gif + Snkd.gif hits as possible as each hit keeps the opponent in a free-hittable state, making this move the cement holding Shen's HD combos together.
    • While the hitbox is good enough to anti-air, the startup takes a while meaning it can't be done on reaction to a hop or jump even.
  • Ex.png Tenrenken - (Qcf.gif + Snkb.gif + Snkd.gif) - Looks similar to the Snkd.gif version upper, but hits once while Shen moves forward and then hits a second time with the uppercut which launches an opponent high above Shen. Will combo from F.gif + Snkb.gif making for a great use for one meter from a combo. Not any better as a risky anti-air or anything; this move is really just for scooping enemies off the ground or from a crumple state to allow for one million Tenrenkens (Qcf.gif + Snkd.gif) to hit afterward afterward.

Desperation Moves

  • Tatsu: Gekiken (Qcf.gifQcf.gif + Punch.gif) - This dash punch will power through most any attack. Shen becomes invulnerable while active, sporting an enormous wall of pain for the opponent. Starts up fast enough to punish things on reaction from 3/4 the screen's distance while dealing hefty damage. Connects well against airborne opponents and works as a juggle ender. Still, the startup is reasonably 'slow' as far as reversals go making for a poor wakeup choice against meaty attacks. Quite unsafe if blocked or if the opponent rolls backward.
    • On Counterhit causes a Wallbounce which can lead into another DM, a reset, or a special move to land.
    • Provides the player with another answer to projectiles, aerial approaches, or other threatening hitboxes.
    • Ex.png Tatsu: Gekiken (Qcf.gifQcf.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif) - Even faster to start, still an enormous moving hitbox, and even more damaging. Connects from even more juggles at lower heights. Even better for punishing anything on reaction and still 'counterwires' the opponent.
    • This is one of the few DMs that does guard damage, though the damage done is lower than using ( Qcf.gif + Snka.gif ) so it's not too notable.
  • Bakushin - (Snkc.gif~Snka.gif~Snkb.gif~Snkc.gif) - Shen stops hiding his powerlevel and sends out an energy wave around him. Costs 2 meter to use and is activated by pressing the four buttons in sequential order. The typical uses allow time for a player to buffer the first three inputs behind a special during combos, or during down time when waking up. Has a big vertical hitbox but not as much horizontal reach. Works as a reversal against sloppy hops or jumps but can be baited, safejumped and punished (i.e. it's not as good as Ash's Sans-culotte (Snka.gif~Snkb.gif~Snkc.gif~Snkd.gif)).
    • After activation Shen glows with a healthy GAL-O glow, during which time he deals 30% extra damage. This damage even applies to the initial explosion. Makes for a great corner combo ender and due to the damage boost Shen can finish off an opponent in a few solid pokes afterward due to the damage buff. The DM cannot be used again until the glow fades in about 10 seconds.
    • It's easy to buffer this move during specials to use it in combos, or buffering on wakeup ( Snkc.gif~Snka.gif~Snkb.gif ) and react to a hop or attack and activate with Snkc.gif. Buffering from the neutral game is harder, though Shen can kara cancel his Standing Heavy Punch, whiff cancel his sweep, or buffer it in a Crouching Light Punch: Down.gif + Snka.gif~Snkc.gif~Snka.gif~Snkb.gif results in Shen doing two Crouching Light Punches due to the light chain taking priority of the imputs, so all the player has to do is then react and press Snkc.gif to fire off the DM. Similar to Ash, Shen can also backdash and buffer ( Snkc.gif~Snka.gif~Snkb.gif ) then run forward a short distance and then press Snkc.gif to get the DM quickly.
    • Deals roughly 40% of the guard gauge on block.
  • Tenshou Bakushingeki - (Down.gifDownright.gifHcb.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif) - Shen shrinks low to the ground and slides forward 3/4 of the screen. While it's fast, the hitbox is low to the ground which makes it harder to land against an aerial opponent than his Qcf.gifQcf.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif. Most hitbox issues don't pose a problem in Shen's HD combos, so players can easily MAX Cancel or tag the opponent with Shen's Neo Max from a juggle.
    • Sports a long amount of invulnerability, but is a more costly gamble to toss out than the Tatsu: Gekiken when trying to punish the opponent.

Tips and Tricks

  • Shen's cr.B links into cr.C. Whilst this is not the easiest link, learning this will let you really scare an opponent with your damage potential from a low.
  • Shen can get a few ambiguous roll setups:
    • After a crumple (from a charged qcf+C or after hcb,f+AC) backdash and then roll forward as the opponent gets up to appear behind them. By walking backward or delaying the backdash Shen can roll in front of the opponent.
    • Roll forward after Shen's normal throw to land behind the opponent. By walking back a pixel he'll land in front of the opponent.


0% Drive

0 Bar

  • (jump attack) cl.C f.B xx hcb,f+P - (239, 13)
    • Most damaging meterless BnB.
  • (jump attack) cl.C f.B xx qcb+P > qcf+P -
    • At maximum cl.C range, it's necessary to use the overhead special as the command grab can whiff from further distances.
  • cr.B cr.A x hcb,f+P - (161, 6)
    • Good as a low threat but requires close proximity.
  • cr.B cr.C f.B xx hcb,f+P - (256, 16)
    • Another low combo, a bit trickier this time due to the link.
  • (corner only) (jump attack) cl.C f.B xx qcf+D, cl.C xx qcf+C~K - (253, 26)

Decent reset option in the corner. Could reset with st.A for easier/quicker recovery. Obviously applicable from the low link too.

  • qcf+C (Fully Charged), qcb+A qcf+A - (302, 30)
    • After the charged punch connects, the opponent is crumpled which limits Shen's combo options more than a guard break would.
  • (corner) (counter hit) st.CD/j.CD qcf+D st.C xx qcf+P~K - (222)
    • If reacting in time to land qcf+D is difficult, go for a reset or use another st.CD/j.CD for a knockdown.

1 Bar

  • (jump attack) cl.C f.B xx qcf+BD, qcf+D, qcf+D, j.C - (383, 32)
    • j.C should be done from a forward hop for the reset.
  • hcb,f+AC qcb+A qcf+A - (222, 10)
    • The most damaging meterless followup to a crumple from ex command grab.
  • qcf+C (Fully Charged), qcf+BD, qcf+D, qcf+D, j.C - (463, 39)
    • As you've already seen. In order to get a proper combo after a crumple, you need to blow a bar of meter or drive.
  • (counter hit) st.CD/j.CD qcf,qcf+P - (302/321)
    • Very easy counterhit followup that works anywhere on the screen and does solid damage for one meter.
  • (counter hit) qcf,qcf+P, j.CD - (351)

Easy followup for whenever Shen's DM registers as a counter hit.

2 Bar

  • (jump attack) cl.C f.B xx qcf+BD, qcf+D, qcf+D, qcfqcf+P - (488, 25)
  • (corner only) (jump attack) cl.C f.B xx qcf+D, CABC - (459, 19)
    • Does slightly less damage but will let you get your 30% damage boost on a cornered opponent, leading to lots more potential damage.
  • hcb,f+AC, qcf+BD, qcf+D, qcf+D j.C - (383, 19)
    • Damaging EX command grab followup option.
  • qcf+C (Fully Charged), qcf+BD, qcf+D, qcf+D, qcfqcf+P - (576, 32)
    • If a full charged qcf+C hits for whatever reason, the resulting crumple lets Shen do the same followups as hcb,f+AC.
  • (counter hit) qcf,qcf+P, qcf+A, qcf,qcf+P - (534)
    • Counterwire combo. Sometimes linking the qcf+A is impossible due to spacing or the opponent's crossup timing, so go straight into the second DM when in doubt.
  • (vs. Kim, Terry, Takuma, and Mr.Karate) (Corner) cl.C f.B xx hcb,f+P, CABC - (~500)
    • These four characters have specific aerial hitboxes that allows Shen to link Bakushin off his command grab for high damage and little cost.

3 Bar

  • (jump attack) cl.C f.B xx qcf+BD, qcf+D, qcf+D, qcfqcf+AC - (558, 25)
  • (jump attack) cl.C f.B xx hcb,f+AC, qcf+BD, qcf+D, qcf+D, qcfqcf+P - (569, 25)
  • (jump attack) (corner only) cl.C f.B xx qcf+BD, qcf+D, qcf+D, qcf+B, CABC - (571, 33)
  • hcb,f+AC, qcf+BD, qcf+D, qcf+D qcfqcf+P - (496, 12)
  • (corner only) hcb,f+AC, qcf+D, CABC - (466, 6)
  • qcf+C (Fully Charged), qcf+BD, qcf+D, qcf+D, qcfqcf+AC - (651, 32)
  • (near corner) qcf+C (Fully Charged), qcf+BD, qcf+D, qcf+D, qcf+B CABC - (666, 30)

50% Drive

0 Bar

  • (jump attack) cl.C f.B xx qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, j.C - (335, 36)
  • (near corner) (jump attack) cl.C f.B xx qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+A, cl.C xx qcf+C~K - (380, 44)
    • A couple of basic Drive combo extenders.
  • (corner only) (jump attack) cl.C f.B xx hcb,f+P DC qcf+D, qcf+A, cl.C xx qcf+C~K - (402, 36)

Have to be in very deep to the corner for this to work.

  • qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, j.C - (229, 23)
    • Overhead combo.
  • (corner only) hcb,f+P DC qcf+D, qcf+A, cl.C xx qcf+C~k - (303, 21)
    • Command grab combo. Can be tricky to get the qcf+A to fit in, needs precise timing and spacing.
  • qcf+C (Fully Charged), qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+A, j.C - (465, 51)
  • (near corner) qcf+C (Fully Charged), qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+D, j.C - (469, 49)
    • As you can see, it's possible to blow Drive to get a juggle from crumple instead of just a bar of meter.

1 Bar

  • (jump attack) cl.C f.B xx qcf+BD, qcf+D, qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+A, j.C (must end near corner for this to connect) - (484, 50)
    • Without the corner to end in to get the last j.C, this is 446,43
  • (near corner) (jump attack) cl.C f.B xx qcf+BD, qcf+D, qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+D, j.C - (487, 48)
  • hcb,f+P SC qcfqcf+P - (239, 0)
  • (corner only) hcb,f+P DC qcf+D, qcfqcf+P - (384, 6)
  • hcb,f+AC, qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, j.C - (337, 23)
  • (near corner) hcb,f+AC, qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+A, j.C - (385, 31)
  • (corner only) hcb,f+AC, qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, j.C - (389, 29)
  • qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcfqcf+P - (357, 16)
  • qcf+C (Fully Charged), qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+A, qcfqcf+P - (578, 44)
  • (near corner) qcf+C (Fully Charged), qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+D, qcfqcf+P - (582, 42)

2 Bar

  • (jump attack) cl.C f.B xx qcf+BD, qcf+D, qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+A, qcfqcf+P - (567, 43)
  • (near corner) (jump attack) cl.C f.B xx qcf+BD, qcf+D, qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+D, qcfqcf+P - (570, 41)
  • (corner only) (jump attack) cl.C f.B xx hcb,f+P DC qcf+D, qcf+A, CABC - (584, 27)
    • qcfqcf+AC ender adds like 4 more damage but powerup on CABC is too good to miss out on.
  • hcb,f+P SC qcfqcf+AC - (424, 0)
  • (corner only) hcb,f+P DC qcf+D, qcf+A, CABC - (509, 14)
  • hcb,f+AC, qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+A, qcfqcf+P - (498, 24)
  • (corner only) hcb,f+AC, qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+D, qcfqcf+P - (502, 22)
  • qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcfqcf+AC - (442, 16)
  • (near corner) qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+B CABC - (461, 24)
  • qcf+C (Fully Charged), qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+A, qcfqcf+AC - (653, 44)
  • qcf+C (Fully Charged), qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+A, CABC (must finish close to corner) - (647, 44)
  • (near corner) qcf+C (Fully Charged), qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+D, CABC - (651, 42)
    • As with previous CABC combos, they may do slightly less, but since you've already pushed the opponent to the corner, you're practically certified to get some scary pressure going.

3 Bar

  • (jump attack) cl.C f.B xx qcf+BD, qcf+D, qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+A, qcfqcf+AC - (622, 43)
  • (jump attack) cl.C f.B xx qcf+BD, qcf+D, qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+A, CABC (must finish close to corner) - (617, 43)
  • (near corner) (jump attack) cl.C f.B xx qcf+BD, qcf+D, qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+D, CABC - (620, 41)
    • Possible to squeeze in a final qcf+B before the CABC, making the damage, 632, 49...not really worth it.
  • hcb,f+P DC qcf+AC qcfqcf+AC - (503, 0)
  • (corner only) hcb,f+P DC qcf+D, qcf+A, CABC - (541, 6)
  • hcb,f+AC, qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+A, qcfqcf+AC - (573, 24)
  • (near corner) hcb,f+AC, qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+A, CABC (must finish close to corner) - (567, 24)
  • (corner only) hcb,f+AC, qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+D, CABC - (571, 22)
  • qcf+C (Fully Charged), qcf+BD qcf+D, qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+A qcfqcf+AC - (723, 50)
  • qcf+C (Fully Charged), qcf+BD qcf+D, qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+A, CABC (must finish close to corner) - (718, 50)
  • (near corner) qcf+C (Fully Charged), qcf+BD qcf+D, qcb+A qcf+A DC qcf+D, qcf+D, CABC - (721, 48)
    • A combination of Shen's best possible combos without going into HD.

100% Drive

All of these combos can also start from a cr.B cr.B st.B hitconfirm into BC as well.

  • (jump attack) cl.C f+B (BC) cl.C f+B xx qcb+A qcf+A (HDC) qcf+D (HDC) qcf+C (HDC) qcf+D (HDC) qcb+A (whiff) qcf+A (HDC) qcf+D (HDC) qcf+C (Slightly Charged)...
    • (HDC) qcf+D, qcf+D, cr.C xx qcf+C~K - (635)
    • (HDC) qcf+D, qcf+D, qcf,qcf+P - (702)
    • qcf+D, qcf+B, CABC - (752 + power up)
    • (MC) qcfhcb+AC - (787)
    • Fullscreen corner carry combo that deals solid damage, though not as damaging as his full corner combos. Just be careful doing qcf+D HDC qcf+C as if done too fast will make Shen HDC into qcf,qcf+P DM.
  • (near corner) j.C cl.C f.B BC cl.C f.B xx hcb,f+P (HDC) [qcf+A (HDC) qcf+D,] x4...
    • ...qcf+A (HDC) qcf+D, cl/cr.C xx qcf+C~K - (725)
    • ...qcf+A (HDC) qcf+D, qcf,qcf+P - (801)
    • ...qcf+A (HDC) qcf+D, qcf+B, CABC - (847 + power up)
    • ...qcf+A (HDC) qcf,hcb+AC - (921)
    • ...qcf,qcf+P (MC) qcf,hcb+AC - (966)
    • ...CABC (MC) qcf,hcb+AC - (1091)
    • Shen's new corner HD combos; mad easy and very damaging. Becomes nearly fatal for just two super bars. Learn this combo for when in the corner, and then Shen's fullscreen corner carry for any other spacing.
  • (near corner) cl.C f.B BC cl.C f.B xx hcb,f+AC, CABC (MC) qcfhcb+AC - (1017)
  • (corner only) cl.C f.B BC cl.C f.B xx hcb,f+P (HDC) CABC (MC) qcfhcb+AC - (1017)
    • Stupid easy 100% combos.

Demonstration video of many practical Shen combos.

Team Order

1st position


  • Shen's meterless damage output is good, and having meter doesn't greatly affect his hitconfirm conversions aside from doing cr.B into HD.
  • Shen can build meter on his own, and by using one super bar or just one Drive Cancel he can get about 40% damage in the corner.
  • By conserving meter or simply by dominating, Shen can dam enough resources for a HD combo.


  • Shen will either have to conserve meter in the first round or dish or receive a beatdown in order to have access to HD.
  • When lacking HD or meter, Shen only has his cr.B cr.C link for low combos and it only works at point blank.
  • Shen needs to burn meter to get any damage from his EX command grab.
  • Requires meter for a reversal.

2nd position


  • Shen can stock more meter and will most likely come in to the next round with some leftover stocks or drive.
  • With 4 meter and HD, Shen can easily perform Fatal KOs.
  • With moderate resources, Shen can net high damage from his EX command grab or from solid hits.
  • Tatsu! Gekiken and either EX DM can be used as reversals, to punish projectiles, anti-air, or complete combos.


  • Shen wont necessarily have more meter by being placed second if your first character burns through meter.
  • Similarly, if Shen burns all your meter then be prepared for your anchor to play with little meter.

3rd position


  • Shen can store plenty of meter and use his DMs and EX command grab liberally and convert thick damage from just about any hit.


  • Shen's still meter-reliant for those wanting access to all of his options, so it may be necessary to partition meter when on your second character so that Shen's not left high and dry.

Basic Strategy


  • Shen has a pretty standard hop arc for rushing down. Use Jumping Heavy Kick or Jumping Blowback Attack for when approaching an opponent from a hop or hyperhop due to the additional horizontal reach, then stick with Jumping Heavy Punch once in an opponent's face.
    • Off of an empty jump Shen can land into an immediate EX Danken ( Hcb.gifRight.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif ) to punish a defensive opponent utilizing the high/low/throw option select. The Shen player could also try to do an empty hop into a Crouching Light Kick for a combo although the opponent could apply the very same Option Select to throw Shen out of the low attack.
  • Attacking with Close Heavy Punch and canceling into Fusenkyaku (F.gif + Snkb.gif) gives the player enough time to hitconfirm and follow up appropriately, especially when done after a jump-in. Due to Shen's low hitconfirms being spacing-dependent or requiring HD meter, going straight into Close Heavy Punch is a common occurrence.
    • Canceling into a Gekiken! Feint (While Charging Qcf.gif + Snkc.gif, Press Kick.gif) off of Fusenkyaku (F.gif + Snkb.gif) is always safe and builds meter while keeping Shen in close proximity to keep up the offense.


  • Shen's same offensive tools can be applied toward a midscreen defensive pressure that can be difficult to overcome.
    • Being able to use Tatsu: Gekiken! (Qcf.gifQcf.gif + Punch.gif) on reaction to a projectile or jump limits the opponent's methods of approaching Shen to the ground or by hopping. In order to punish or take advantage of the invulnerability window, the player should try to remain around 1/2 the screen's length from the opponent so that the punch hits.
    • Charging up Gekiken! (Qcf.gif + Snkc.gif [Hold to Charge]) from midscreen poses a threat in itself. The main danger is that the Shen player could release the punch at any given time due to the somewhat safe nature of the move so an opponent may be wary of walking or running forward against a charging Shen. If the opponent decides to take to the air releasing the punch will either result in a clean anti-air or a trade which can be followed up with Tatsu: Gekiken! (Qcf.gifQcf.gif + Punch.gif). Additionally the player could cancel into a Gekiken! Feint ([While Charging Qcf.gif + Snkc.gif Press Kick.gif) to gauge the opponent's reaction and quickly build meter.
    • Neutral hopping and performing Jumping Blowback Attack on the descent of the jump arc can air-to-air jumping opponents while also being able to hit oncoming grounded opponents.
  • Be ready to anti-air offensive opponents. The main normals for the job are Standing Light Punch against hop pressure, Standing Heavy Punch against opponents approaching from in front of Shen, and Crouching Heavy Punch to deal with high distanced jumps/hops that would hit 'deep' towards Shen's body. Don't forget about either Crouching Kicks to catch the tripguard on poor jump-ins.
    • Standing Heavy Punch controls the horizontal space in front of Shen exceptionally. Grounded approaches will have to respect the range and mid-hitting hitbox which leaves the opponent with the options of trying to whiff punish or counterpoke from the correct distance. Close-ranged hops will naturally be anti-aired by Standing Heavy Punch and with the Autoguard window factored in the player can beat long-reaching horizontal jump-in attacks that can typically be difficult to anti-air.
    • Opponents trying to full jump outside of Standing Heavy Punch range put themselves at risk of Shen's other anti-air options against high-angled jump-ins such as Crouching Heavy Punch, Gekiken! (Qcf.gif + Snkc.gif), or an air-to-air.
  • Don't forget about Danken (Reflect) (Qcb.gif + Snkc.gif) against projectiles. This works great when low or trying to conserve on meter and when outside of Tatsu: Gekiken! (Qcf.gifQcf.gif + Punch.gif) range.

Advanced Strategy

Frame Data

Move Name Block Startup* On Guard Notes
Standing Snka.gif HL 4 +3 Whiffs most crouchers.
Standing Snkb.gif HL 7 -1
Standing Snkc.gif HL 9 -7 One hit autoguard during startup before active frames appear.
Close Snkc.gif HL 5 -1
Standing Snkd.gif HL 11 -9 Shen can be counterhit out of this normal, unlike any other grounded normal in the game.
Close Snkd.gif HL 6 -12
Crouching Snka.gif HL 5 +2
Crouching Snkb.gif L 5 +2 Links into cr.C and Danken (grab) on hit.
Crouching Snkc.gif HL 4 -13
Standing Snkc.gif + Snkd.gif HL 14 -1
Crouching Snkd.gif L 8 -8
Jumping Snka.gif H 6 -
Jumping Snkb.gif H 5 - Whiffs crouchers.
Jumping Snkc.gif H 6 -
Jumping Snkd.gif H 8 -
Jumping Snkc.gif + Snkd.gif HL 12 -
F.gif + Snkb.gif HL 16 -2
Qcf.gif + Snka.gif HL 15 -3
Qcf.gif + Snkc.gif HL 21 -6 Uncharged.
Qcf.gif + [ Snkc.gif ] HL - (variable charge length) -1 Charge Level 1.
Qcf.gif + [ Snkc.gif ] HL - (variable charge length) -3 Charge Level 2.
Qcf.gif + [ Snkc.gif ] HL - -8 Level 3 charge; super freeze. All Gekiken frame data is listed from when blocked deep. All punches can hit 'meaty' and have better recovery from correct spacing.
Qcf.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif HL 16 -8 Super armored.
Qcf.gif + [ Snkb.gif ] HL 14 -7
Qcf.gif + [ Snkd.gif ] HL 17 -2
Qcf.gif + [ Snkb.gif + Snkd.gif ] HL 15 -7
Qcb.gif + Punch.gif H 18 -16
Qcf.gif + Punch.gif H - -17
Qcb.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif H 18 -20
> Qcf.gif + Punch.gif H 18 -14
Qcb.gif + Snkc.gif Anti-projectile 5 -38
Hcb.gifF.gif + Punch.gif Throw 5 -38
Hcb.gifF.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif Throw 3 -37 Forces crumple; recovery cancelable into specials/DMs.
Qcf.gifQcf.gif + Punch.gif HL 11 -20
Qcf.gifQcf.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif HL 8 -17
Snkc.gif ~ Snka.gif ~ Snkb.gif ~ Snkc.gif HL 3 -28
Qcf.gifDownright.gifQcb.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif HL 15 -30