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Tia is a kickboxer from Thailand searching for her brother (who, unbeknownst to her, met Bai-Hu and was brutally murdered). Sho bears a passing similarity to her brother, as she notes in the game.

Moves List

Normal Moves

  • Suplex - F/B + HP while close
  • Kick to Earth - F/B + HP/HK close while both players are airborne
  • Double Shot - LP + HP. Tia does a 2-hit combo on the opponent. It is breakerable in between the two hits, but the first hit can be canceled into a HP Rising Upper for big damage.
  • Crescent Kick - LK + HK. Tia does a 2-hit kick where the second hit is an overhead. It is breakerable in between the two hits and overall worthless. Use sparingly.
  • High Fist - U + P in air. Hits above Tia and has a ton of priority.

Special Moves

  • Rapid Gale - QCF + P. Tia punches out a disc projectile that travels nearly a full screen length. Good fireball for medium or medium-long range but risky up close because of startup time. LP version travels slower than HP version.
  • Rising Upper - DP + P. Tia does a dragon punch. It has a ton of invulnerability and is one of her best moves. It is great as an anti-air attack but it is good in combos, too. HP version hits more times and is better in combos, LP version is better to use outside of combos.
  • Soul Spike - QCB + K (ground or air). Tia pulls off a forward flip and drops her heel on the opponent's head. Can be done in the air. The air version is excellent for mixup and air combos; the ground version is much more unsafe in combos but can be used to close the distance between players during a blockstring.
  • Mirage Spear Kick - Tap K rapidly. Basically a Lightning Kick with slight horizontal range. Takes a while to start up, so sees little use.

Super Moves

  • Rapid Change - QCFx2 + P. Great move. Not invulnerable at the start but it can duck under some moves at the start, like fireballs. Leaves her extremely vulnerable on whiff so use mainly in combos.
  • Cutlass Flasher - QCFx2 + K. Overhead, can be used in juggles/combos. Also leaves Tia extremely vulnerable on whiff. This move can be used for mixup but really it isn't that great.
  • Burning Revolver - QCBx2 + P (ground/air); use U and D to steer. This move has startup invulnerability and is a decent reversal, although Rising Upper is probably better. The invulnerability doesn't last long and fireballs and a lot of air moves will beat it. Can also be used in combos.

The Basics

This isn't finished! But there's still some great stuff here!

  • Notable normals
    • st.D - Great anti-air!
    • jumping Up+C - Another awesome anti-air and air-to-air. If you do this super early in your jump it works awesome as anti-air and leads to big damage!
    • Jumping B - A crossup and a good jump in attack.
    • Jumping C - Another great jump in, but it doesn't cross up.
  • Crossups
    • Jumping B - Yeah this move is basically really awesome.
  • Meterless combos
    • cr.b x2, LP+HP (one hit) xx Rising Upper (C version) - Basic bread and butter combo that can be performed off of her excellent crossup j.B.
    • cr.b, st.a/cr.a, st.C, LP+HP (one hit) xx Rising Upper (C Version) - Another combo. Leave out the cr.B if you want, you can land this off pressure with dashing A's.
    • st.C xx LP+HP (one hit) xx Rising Upper (C version) - Basic punish combo. Either far C or close C will work.
  • Combos with meter
    • any combo above ending in LP+HP xx Rising Upper, sub the upper for Uppercut Super - Decent damage, make sure to manage your meter properly!
    • Air-to-air j.Up+C xx Crack Shoot, Super - You can land here and do the Uppercut Super or even the Kick Super if you manage to juggle them really high. You can even do Psycho Crusher but the Uppercut Super is the most reliable.
    • Anti-air st.D, Uppercut Super - Sour damage but hey at least you're getting something. St.D is fantastic anti-air so this combo could come in handy when you aren't spamming Rising Upper.
    • Anti-air st.A, vertical jumping B (both hits) xx Crack Shoot, land, Super - Flash combo! Do the vert jump B really fast. The easiest super to land here is the Uppercut Super.

Advanced Strategy


Vs. Alsion 3:

Vs. Condor:

Vs. Dao-Long:

Vs. Mahrel:

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Vs. Saizo:

Vs. Sho:

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