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The only FG I play seriously is ST, but I can also gamble a bit in Hyper Fighting (HF Zangief is so much fun).
My main is Zangief and my 2nd is O.Ken, even though my zoning skills aren't that good. I also do relativelly well with O.Hawk (my "real" 2nd), and i at least know what i'm doing with DeeJay and Dictator.
Zangief-mp.gif Ken-old2.gif Thawk-old2.gif Deejay-mk.gif Mbison-mk.gif
If I am bored, I may also play a bit of Fei, Blanka and N.Ken, but I suck with all these.
Feilong-lk.gif Blanka-start.gif Ken-mk.gif

I've contributed to the ST wiki a lot, my main contributions are:

  • Hitbox images for all ST New and Old characters;
  • Some frame, damage and stun data (a good part of it was done by Oldschool BR though);
  • Tons of information on the Zangief article;