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Founder of NZism, New Zealand's original fighting game community. I've been spending most of my free time and brain capacity on random fighting game knowledge for the better part of 15 years. I am keen to help maintain/pad out the wiki in whatever fashion is desired.

I'm the main contributor to the SF2: Hyper Fighting section, feel free to make requests/ask questions.

I'm trying to create a remix version/rom hack of SF2: Hyper Fighting called "Street Fighter 2 Turbo Remix" (SF2TR). Check out the progress at . The goal is light balance changing, no drastic changes. Just to try to make some of the lower tiered characters a little better (and remove Ryu's hurricane kick recovery invincibility). Also some palette fiddling.

Games of interest: HF, ST, A2, MvC2, and some obscure ones like Fighting Layer, SF:TM:TG, and Super V.G.