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I'm mainly into SNK games since I first put my hands on Ikari Warriors and Guerrilla War back in 1987. Once Neo Geo came out, I got deeper into SNK games as well as SF on the side. I held tournaments for Fatal Fury Special back when FFS and ST were competing, and did the same with SamSho2. I put the tournaments on hold since SF had an iron grip at FFA. I moved out of the SFV and started holding tournaments for KOF 98, Garou MOTW, CvS, SFA3 and a few others at some local arcade that ended up being shut down a few years ago. Since then I've been traveling to Evo's holding tournaments for SNK games, and going to Houston to hold Tournaments in Big Bruno's Arcade for OniCon (anime/cosplay convention). I've helped run pools at Evo, hold debut events with SNK(SvC, KOF2003, KOF98UM, SS:Sen) and help with the local scene.