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Jonathan Douglas Mittendorf, born in Oxnard, CA on 9 June 1979.

Avid SF fan, particularly SFII in its many incarnations (been playing since WW hit arcades). Staff Sergeant in the Air Force, currently stationed at Cannon AFB in New Mexico. Formerly stationed in Okinawa and South Korea, which made for some great fighting game experience, among other things. Big proponent of facts and technical data, and access to them, in order to learn and deepen one's game.

Prior to enlisting, I was trained in management at Circuit City before they went under, then went to Best Buy while waiting to get orders. I lived most of my life in central Indiana, which I still consider home. I have a degree in aviation maintenance technology, and am decently close to completing a degree in telecommunications as well. I'm a very even, logical person, and have prior forum moderation experience (with IndyDDR, which should be self-explanatory if you know anything about music games).

I'm requesting this account in order to be able to edit and contribute to the SFII Wiki pages. Thank you for your consideration.