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I am currently a student attending Independence High School in San Jose, California. I make an hour-long commute to and from Stockton pretty much every day in order to remain a student there, but I'm just trying to get by until I can finally relocate to San Jose in full to begin my college education. I currently have no real line of work, but that will change after certain moving issues are addressed first.

Regarding fighting games, I have only just (relatively) recently taken an interest in the genre, and I hope to become an established player and contributor within the community and subcommunities. I enjoy playing immensely, but one thing that I am genuinely interested in is breathing life into the fighting game scene in which I am situated. Living in NorCal, there's not as big as scene to experience as in SoCal, our counterpart much more developed in terms of a focused commune of fighting game activity. At this early point in my life, there isn't so much that I can do to help my scene flourish other than to be as active as I can be. What I want to do is help anyone and everyone who I may be of assistance to, which is part of the reason why I want to be part of this wiki.

Hopefully one day, I'll have brought enough people to the game such that there is a noteworthy difference. That is a goal that I will try my best to reach.

My other hobbies include listening to select forms of music, specifically metal (black/ death/ thrash/ some power) and hip-hop such as Cypress Hill, Onyx, Black Moon, etc. Two other genres of music that I have an attraction to are trance and orchestral, most likely due to my occasional need for a calming fix. I and few others also make music of our own, which is something I enjoy taking part in. I play drums and electric guitar, though as of late I have not been keeping up.