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Vanilla Ice is Dio's right-hand man in the "Stardust Crusaders" arc of the JoJo series. When Dio mentioned he needed more blood in order to gain enough power to effectively use The World, Vanilla Ice immediately severed his own head and offered up his blood for Dio. Impressed by his loyalty, Dio would turn him into a vampire.

His stand, Cream, is incredibly destructive. It can swallow Ice whole, and turn itself inside out, causing him to be surrounded by destructive energies which also make him invisible, but while in this state he cannot see or hear. (In the game, he is visible while doing this.)

Moves List

Normal Moves

Low kick: F + A1

Long kick: F + A2 (Stand OFF)

Long punch: F + A3 (Stand OFF)

Overhead: F + A2 (Stand ON)

Throat jab: F + A3 (Stand ON)

Special Moves

Dark Space: D, DF, F + A

Cream enters "the void" and moves towards the opponent. With the Stand ON you can follow up with any direction + A.

Bara Maiteyoru: B, D, DB + A (Stand ON)

Cream drops underground and explodes back up into the air. Good to stop some zoning, but is extremely punishable to just throw out.

Cream!: D, DB, B + A

Cream flies forward and strikes the opponent. Hits overhead, which means unblockables if you have the Stand OFF (e.g. use this then dash in and do a low jab).

Futto Bashiyaru: Charge D, U + A (Stand ON)

Cream jumps up and slams the ground. Hits overhead.

Super Moves

Do Chikashou Ga!: D, DF, F + AA

Ice rushes forward with a punch, and if he connects, follows-up with a barrage of kicks. This can be charged for more range, and if fully charged it becomes unblockable.

Circle Locust: F, D, DF + AA (Stand ON)

Cream delivers a very short uppercut, and if he connects, blasts the falling opponent with an energy ball.

Madness Sorrow: D, DB, D + AA (Requires 2 levels of super)

Cream enters "the void" and busts through the floor and back of the stage several times. The buttons used determine the pattern, as follows (character facing right):

  • A1 + A2: Three arcs from the left of the floor to the right of the floor, then rises from the center of the floor.
  • A1 + A3: Center to up-right, up-left to center bottom, bottom left to bottom right, center.
  • A2 + A3: Falls four times from up-right to bottom, then comes up under P2
  • A1 + A2 + A3: Same as A1 + A3.

These are all unblockable and can be rolled through, but people often mess up and get hurt by at least one of the passes.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


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