Vegetto (DBZ:B3)

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Vegetto is a very powerful fighter, and Super Vegetto is stronger(by attack percentage) than the SSJ4 forms of Goku or Vegeta. One of his big downfalls is the fact that he is a potara fusion, meaning that if you fail the initial attempt, you are left with a watered down Goku/Vegeta for the rest of the fight. The other downfall is the need to enter hyper mode in order to attempt the fusion in the first place, making it impractical.


  • Above average combo damage
  • Great Baseline Ki of 6(7 ki baseline in transformed state)
  • All capsules triple stacked, even before fusion
  • Goku/Vegeta can fuse at baseline
  • Transformation is permanent
  • K+G nullifies fast enough to beat a jab if started at the same time, starts combos if canceled perfectly
  • Strong ultimate, doing 2175 if successful, 1522 if unsuccessful


  • He's a fusion, and failing the potara attempt leaves you with a weak Goku/Vegeta
  • Not able to use equipment/item capsules
  • Yakon works against him even at base


  • His >P+K is replaced with the generic >P+K
  • No longer has >K+G



Max Damages

Vegetto (Vegeta Platform)
Max Damage - 1856(2043 as Super Vegetto)
Combo -
<KK~, <.P>K*, >KKK>K-, >PKK', K>KP*, <P+K^, <E [Spirit Cannon]

Vegetto (Goku Platform)
Max Damage - 2054(2259 as Super Vegetto)
Combo -
>PKK-, >KKP*, KKKK-, <K*, <P+K^, <.P+K^, >PPPP>P^, >PPPP>P^, >PPPP>P^, >PPPKE [Spirit Cannon]


Base--130% attack--6 ki baseline
Super Vegetto--145% attack--MAX ki baseline(7 ki bars required)