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Moves List

Normal Moves

  • 6B-Lunging Punch-Viewtiful Joe lunges forward and punches his enemy

Special Moves

  • Voomerang-236A/B/C (hold to charge) (this move can also be done in the air)-Viewtiful Joe takes out his Voomerang and throws it at his enemy. Each version (both ground and air) has its own direction (all versions, both ground and air, do 2,400 Billion Damage). Both ground and air A versions will travel horizontally across the screen (charged version both ground and air will return horizontally to Viewtiful Joe), B version (ground) will travel almost directly vertically into the air, while the air version will travel almost directly vertically towards the ground (charged ground version will first travel almost vertically in the air, then it returns to the ground, while the charged air version will first travel almost vertically down to the ground (and most likely sliding across the ground) and then almost vertically travel into the air), and the C version will spin around Viewtiful Joe (ground version:counter-clockwise direction, air version: clockwise direction--charged versions will spin around Viewtiful Joe twice, followed by the Voomerang flying at the enemy). You can both ground and air combo into the A version of Voomerang (not B or C versions).
  • Air Joe-While in the air, press A/B/C rapidly-Viewtiful Joe goes into a series of hits at his enemy. You can use this as part of your air combo (and the reset the damage scale, and to confuse your enemies).
  • Shocking Pink-214A/B/C (hold to delay release and to increase bomb placement)-Viewtiful Joe kicks out his signature bomb at his enemy. Each version ignites at different times. A version will ignite almost instantly, B version will ignite 3 seconds after release, and C version will ignite 5 seconds after release. Be careful, because if you are near a bomb, you too can take damage. Delaying the bomb release will increase its distance. Hitting the bomb after releasing it will also make the bomb move. Use the bombs to create setups into interesting combos.
  • Red Hot Kick-While in the air, 214A/B/C-Viewtiful Joe does a darting kick. If the enemy is hit by Red Hot Kick (either in the air or on the ground), this will cause a knockdown. Each version travels in a different direction. The A version will travel vertically straight down, the B version will travel at a 45 degree declining angle, and the C version will travel horizontally straight across the screen. You can use this in an air combo.

Super Moves

  • Desperado-236+Any two attack buttons (this move can also be done in the air)-Viewtiful Joe calls out his flying gun, and shoots at the enemy (with Silvia's energy?). The ground version travels straight across the screen, while the air version travels at a 45 degree declining angle. While you cannot ground or air combo into this super (unless you have the right Assist, for example), if you do hit the enemy with this super, it will cause a wall bounce (which can lead into some interesting Team Hyper Combos or Cross-Over Combination set-ups).
  • Mach Speed-623+Any two attack buttons-Viewtiful Joe screams outloud "Mach Speed!," catches on fire (don't forget, he's going "Mach Speed" here), and does a series of punches and kicks (14 hits total), ending with his 3C launcher (in which you can follow this up with an air combo). While this super does around 6,300 Billion Damage, this is one way to guarantee that you will launch your enemy into the air (since most of his normal hits have small hit boxes).
  • Slow & Zoom In (Level 3 Super)-214+Any two attack buttons-Viewtiful Joe gains parts to his helmet (actually, it comes out or "grows" around his lips and nose), kicks the enemy, dances around (humiliating the enemy by dodging a punch), does another kick (in the back of the enemy), launches the enemy into the air, and does a "Viewtiful" pose. You can ground combo into the level 3 super.

As An Assist

Viewtiful Joe jumps out and does his C version of Shocking Pink (still takes 5 seconds to ignite). Use his assist for mix-up, or to confuse your enemy.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy