Weightclass (Garou)

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Different chacters will have different height, weight, and damage resistance. Until more specific information can be found, we're grouping them into three main categories:

  • Heavy - Grant and Tizoc. Tallest characters in the games, so can be hit with some air chains that would whiff on other characters. Heavy class characters take less damage than other characters, roughly 10% less, at a minimum of 1 point less per hit, so an attack that normally does 5 points of damage will do 4, or 20% less.
  • Light - Hokutomaru, B. Jenet, and Hotaru. Light class characters take more damage than other characters, roughly 10% more, at a minimum of 1 point more per hit.
  • Normal - Everyone else. Normal damage taken.

Other affects, such as height, are not precisely known or mapped; we don't have specific pixel details on everyone's hitboxes. Some air chains which will connect on some normal class characters will not work on every normal class character, so please test thoroughly. <p> It is suspected that different characters fall at slightly different speeds, but no firm data is available for this.