Wolverine (MVC)

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  • Excellent Normals and Special for Combo Finishers
  • One of the fastest characters in the gmae
  • Two of his Hyper Combo can OTG
  • Excellent Hyper Combo Finisher for Aerial and Ground


  • Short options for Far Distance Combat
  • Below from Average Stamina
  • His Whiffed Specials can be punished easily
  • Hyper Combos are too unsafe if blocked

Basic Tips


Magic Series:
Ground Magic Series: Hunter Series
Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series
Super Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series

AC Finisher:
FP, RK, Drill Claw

Move List

Command Normals:

Heel Kick: D + MK (only in air)

Wolverine does a diving kick from the air that has a little bit of empty angle on it.

Special Moves:

Drill Claw: Any direction with LP + MK or LK + MP (also in air)

Wolverine leaps in whichever direction as he targets his claws to the opponent.

Tornado Claw: F, D, DF + P: Wolverine leaps forward up into the air as he spins his arms around like a tornado.

Berserker Barrage: QCF + P: Introduced as a Special Move in MSH, Wolverine rushes a bit forward as he swipes his way in the process.

Berserker Slash: HCB + P

Introduced in MSHvSF, Wolverine rushes forward fast as he does a standing HP right after.

Hyper Combos:

Berserker Barrage X: QCF + Px2

Wolverine does an extended version of his Berserker Barrage.

Weapon X: F, D, DF + Px2

Wolverine unleashes his claws as he rushes to the opponent. If it connects, he unleashes a barrage of normals while going up into the air and finishes off with a rushing claw attack.

Fatal Claw: QCF + Kx2 (also in air)

Introduced in MSHvSF, Wolverine does a modified rushing claw attack similar to his end attack in his Weapon X. As Wolverine does the animation, a claw-like projecitle in the form of an X surrounds him.


Easy Combos:

1) Get near opponent, spaz like crazy Ok, this sounds like I'm kidding but, sadly, I'm not. I can't really tell you what will happen cause it's just random stuff that always seems to come out at the most inappropriate times.

2) JP, SP, FP, cancel FP Berserker Slash

Intermediate Combos:

1) j. JP, j. FK, c. JP, c. SK, c. SP, RK, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj. SP, sj. FK, AC Finisher

2) Super jump, Head Stomp, sj. RK, c. JP, c. SK, c. FK, c. FP, c. RK, cancel Fatal Claw

I don't even know why I'm putting this combo in the intermediate section, it's so damn easy.

3) j. JP, j. FK, c. JP, SP, SP, cancel Berserker Barrage X, SP, SP You can add on the extra SP's or something else if you are in the corner.

Hard Combos:

1) j. JP, j. SP, dash, c. JP, c. SK, c. SP, RK, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj. SP, sj. FK, Head Stomp, sj. RK, c. SK (OTG), FK, RK, jump forward, SP Air Throw

The tricky part here is making sure you are high an close enough after the sj. FK to do do the Head Stomp, sj. RK. Then you will fall to the floor faster then your opponent allowing you to OTG. After the RK, wait a split sec and then jump and air throw them as they fall! Absolutely evil! At least this combo involves skill.

2) Cornering Strategy: Any ground combo that ends with c. RK, cancel JP Berserker Barrage

Wait a sec before canceling into the JP Berserker Barrage. This is so evil because it's so hard to counter attack if they block the Berserker Barrage! Just figure out how to cycle back into this strategy after the first time cause I'm not telling