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TvC says that Yatterman originated from Yatterman anime (which is true). Yatterman is a powerful character in TvC, but is somewhat difficult to use with his low life and some difficult to use moves. Also his best combos are extremely difficult but worthwhile with an extremely high damage infinite and a midscreen air chain to super combo. He is a very free form type of character since he has a number of good options for ranging, pressure and mixup, and with his balanced move set he can operate very well at close, middle, and far range with mid range being ideal. But due to his relative difficulty of use, he is not a very popular character despite generally being ranked high tier.

Moves List

Normal Moves

  • F+B - Yatterman-1 takes his ball and shoots it in a 45 degree (incline) angle. Travels a little over half way across the screen
  • F+C - Yatterman-1 turns around and takes his ball and does a sweeping attack.

Special Moves

Kenda Magic

  • QCF+A/B/C (Can also be done in the air) - Yatterman-1 takes his ball on a string and whips it at the enemy. Both ground and air versions has its own specific set distance. Ground A version travels about a 1/3 across the screen, ground B version travels about half way across the screen, and ground C version travels all the way across the screen. All air versions travel in a 45 degree (decline) angle. Air A version travels 1/3 across the screen, air B version travels less than half way across the screen, and air C version travels all the across the screen. This can be used in a combo.

Yatter Kanden

  • Charge back for a few seconds, then tap forward+A/B/C - Yatterman-1 first does a spin kick to the enemy's face, then turns around and throws his ball at the enemy. The enemy is then wrapped in rope and electrocuted. After the animation is finished, you can do whatever you want to the enemy. You can even combo into his level 3 super, Konshuuno Bikkri Dokkri Meka.

Yatter Chuudan

  • DP+A/B/C (Can also be done in the air) - Yatterman-1 does a jumping leap towards the enemy while twirling his ball on sting, smacking his enemy. All three versions, both ground and air, do 7 hits. Both ground and air versions have their own distance differences. Ground A version travels about 1/3 across the screen, B version travels about half way across the screen, and C version travels about 2/3 across the screen. Air A and B versions travel about 1/3 across the screen, and air C version travels less than half way across the screen. The air version of Yatter Chuudan can be used in an air combo.

The air version of this move is an extremely useful and versatile, and is a large part of what makes yatterman such a good character. along with its use in combos, It is an extra movement option, it is a powerful pressure tool that can quickly force your opponent into the corner. it can be tiger kneed for somewhat quick overheads, it has excellent priority after the start up. and you can do mix ups in a variety of ways, with this move.

You can do this move twice in a row by doing 623c 6238C with up canceling.

Yatter Run

  • QCB+A/B/C - Yatterman-1 runs at the enemy. There are three follow ups:
    • Yatter Jump
      • During Yatter Run, tap A - Yatterman-1 will do a normal jump. While you're jumping, you can attack mid-air to catch your enemies off guard.
    • Yatter Sliding
      • During Yatter Run, tap B - Yatterman-1 slides and trips the enemy. This causes a knockdown. This can be used in a combo.
    • Yatter Chuudan
      • During Yatter Run, tap C- Yatterman-1 does his Yatter Chuddan at the enemy. This is actually slightly faster, giving you the opportunity to use this in a combo.

Super Moves

Tokkoutai Yatter One

  • QCF+AB (Can also be done in the air)- Yatterman-1 calls out his gigantic robotic dog to run over his enemy. The number of hits varies based on your location on the screen and your enemy's size.

Shakunetsu Yatter One

  • QCB+AB - Yatterman-1 calls out his gigantic robotic dog to do a flamethrower super. The gigantic robotic dog can hit the enemy when it enters. You can control the direction of the flame by tapping or holding up or down. The number of hits vary based on your location on the screen and your enemy's size.

Level 3 Super

Konshuuno Bikkri Dokkri Meka

  • DP+AB - Yatterman-1 holds out a bone and hits his enemy. Then the bone fly's into the gigantic robotic dog's mouth. Then the gigantic robotic dog opens its mouth to release robotic crocodiles that march into the enemy. At the end of the super, one robotic crocodile has a bomb that explodes in front of the enemy. This super does 44 hits. This super can be used in a combo.

The Basics

Trying to do combos like other characters will not work well with Yatterman since in ground chains his moves will often whiff, but his BnB non-super non-infinite combos are not difficult and are not dependent on the opponent being on the ground for significant damage since you can wring a lot of damage out of him with tricks such as using a double DP+B as a combo ender (or in an infinite) to both do high damage and effectively avoid damage scaling.

a BnB combo works like

2a, 2b, 3c j.b, j.b, double jump j.b, j.b, 623B j.b, j. b for reset or j.c for knockdown.

an effective mid screen baroque combo is this

2a, 2b, 5c, 2c, 236b baroque, dash 3c j.b j.b j.b double jump j.b j.b 623 b, j. b for reset or j.c for knockdown.

a versatile combo starter with most assists is 2a2b assist 2c. you can combo into either his 214 super or his level 3 at this point, or you can dash in 5a 5b 2b 3c into air combo or go into infininte.

To do a super from this you must wait until the assist hits the opponent because if it isn't hitting them as you start the super it they will be able to block it even if it would have hit if you didn't activate the super.

Yatterman's supers are also very good for the most part. His qcf super is useful for escaping/punishing things like chip supers or reset throws, because it takes him off the screen, even from in the air, and then comes back while riding his robot. you can Dhc from Ken or Juns air supers into this for kens super you need to DHC at a certain time after the super puts them in the helpless spinning state but before Kens body crosses your opponent up. On block or dodge this move is punishable. is good to use to dhc yatterman out safely.

His Qcb super hits OTG and can be also be used to hit air dashers, if you trade with this move you wont combo into the fire breath but your opponent will still be knocked across the screen. do not hit them with this move when they are in a stagger state as they will just be reset and be able to punish you. because of the large number of hits it resists damage scaling so it is an excellent thing to dhc to, as is his level 3.

Standing a is an extremely good anti air and can lead into big damage since it combos into launchers. It has excellent vertical and horizontal range its really fast, safe, and largly spammable. dashing st. a is really good at keeping people on the ground as a pressure option


Roll her assist keeps them in place for a long time if it hits allowing for easier assist crossups and sets up unblockables on tag in. gives him a powerful DHC.

Tekkaman huge DHC and big improves combos but loses ground assist crossup options especially agaisnt small characters

Advanced Strategy