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Moves List

Normal Moves


Fire Suplex

  • (Close)Back, Neutral, or Forward + C+D

Command Moves

Mutation Combination

  • Forward + A; Down-Forward + C; Back + B; Forward+ D

Dogou Sou Ken

  • Close Standing C; Forward + C

Special Moves

Beast Buster

  • Quarter Circle Forward + A/C
    • Fast-moving, invisible fireball projectile. Can crouch under it, the projectile is totally invisible, When powered up with the A-version Memory Card Slash, he fires 3 projectiles in a row.

Submarine Screw

  • Forward, Down, Down-Forward + A/C
    • Yuki strikes diagonally upwards, with a streaking fiery light. This move might serve as anti-air, When powered up with the C-version Memory Card Slash, YUKI TURNS INTO A GLOWING BLUE VERSION OF DUKE EDWARDS AND DOES THE REAL SUBMARINE SCREW. This move now has priority, invincibility, and does good damage.

Bakuretsu Ken

  • Quarter Circle Back + A/C
    • Yuki travels quickly forward and performs an electric punch. Keep in mind that, unlike other horizontal dashing moves like Terry's Burning Knuckle, Yuki is vulnerable when he travels forward, until the end where he delivers that punch.

Sengoku Denshou

  • Half Circle Back + B/D

Riding Hero

  • (In Air)Quarter Circle Back + A/C

Raijin Ken

  • (In Air)Quarter Circle Back + B/D
    • Yuki disappears, and when he reappears on the ground directly below, a lightning bolt instantly strikes.

Fire Suplex Hold

  • (Close)Half Circle Back, Forward + A/C
    • This move can only be performed after you've done the Start(L1)-version Memory Card Slash. He does what looks like the regular Fire Suplex, but then he holds you there and grinds you into the ground for more damage

Memory Card Slash

  • Down, Down + A/B/C/D/Start(L1 on PS2)
    • Yuki creates a small flash of light, which charges up certain special moves. You are vulnerable when performing Memory Card Flash, so be careful. Memory Card Flash only works once and may wear off over time, so if you do a powered-up special move or if you wait too long, you'll have to perform that particular Memory Card Flash again. You can store multiple power-ups of different types (such as one A-version power-up and one C-version power-up).

Super Attacks

Chou Do Kyuu 100 Mega Beam

  • Double Quarter Circle Back + A/C
    • Yuki rises up in the air and fires a huge beam of energy at the opponent. Yuki yells: "NEOGEO beam!" Consumes 1 Super Bar.

Chou Do Kyuu Neo-Geo Ranbu

  • Quarter Circle Forward, Half Circle Forward + A/C
    • This move consumes 2 Super Bars.

Chou Do Kyuu Status Up

  • Double Quarter Circle Forward + B/D
    • This move powers up Yuki. This move consumes 2 Super Bars.

Chou Do Kyuu MAX330 Mega Beam

  • Double Quarter Circle Back + ABC
  • Like the Chou Do Kyuu 100 Mega Beam, except it does more damage. Consumes 3 Super Bars.

The Basics

Yuki NGBC Primer I(by Dark Geese/Stuart Hayden)

  • Yuki has to charge A LOT. This is done via down, down+p. He has to charge u at least three times to do his high powered stuff. This s a serious disadvantage because everytime he charges up hes wide the fuck open!!
  • Don’t bother with his counters because they are too wishy washy..not dependable in a match for the most part unless they are mastered.
  • Master his Tiger knee Air Dash (aerial qcb+p). That’s right..tigerknee (Please don’t tell me you don’t know what this is.. ) into aerial qcb+k which is his electricity. You can crossup with this and it has some good priority. It’s a good noob killer but against experts puhlease…you may not get the chance to start this….
  • He has a Yuki Power up super (qcfx2+k)..its HORRIBLE..it powers you up but theres better supers. Only use for it is into his Guardcrush string.
  • Poke away with his qcf+p fireball from afar esp is you have charged up three times.
  • Also poke away with the Cable Blast super (qcbx2 p) to zone them..its used too little.
  • He sucks with Anti Airs and his pokes are horrible…Slide and Cr.b are about as good as it gets..
  • Nasty Corner GuardCrush String-…If they are blocking high only..[Cr.b to DP+C] repeat brackets…it’ll beak their guard and do significant damage to their health at the same time!!!


1-St.Cxxforward+C to qcb+A/DA or ranbu super (qcfhcb+P).

2- Chain combo in the moves list- St. A to df+c (2 hits) to back+B to Forward+D.

3- Crossover D to any of the above.

You can cancel his standing c(first hit only,not the follow up f.c. it will do his dash punch if you do so), standing d, cr.c, and his slide cancel into the IAD (instant air dash) geese mentioned in his primer.

When you do this though, think of it is kara-iad'ing in a sense because the aforementioned moves SHOULDN'T come out, you should see an instant IAD

note: this was the main that made me shit myself

1. cr.a and c.b both link into his D-Assault.

His 2-hit c>f.c chain links into his a dash punch. You can cancel the a-dash punch (on hit/wiff/block) into his level 3 neogeo beam for 50%damage (if hit obviously) plus it knocks down so you can get some charges in. but the good thing is, if you don't have the meter for the level 3 NGB (lol)you can just do his a-dash punch and it knocks them far away enough that even with quick recover you'd be able to get a charge in.

Also, both of Yuki's dash punches (qfb+a/c just to clarify) can be super canceled into any of his supers if it doesn't hit (block is okay) so you can do his Neogeo Beam for extra chip damage or do an a-dash punch to try and fake a throw or something and make your opponent flinch and get a neogeo beam in for some quick damage.

Also, Yuki's far C (probably inside of sweep distance for it to hit) links into his d-assault and his neogeo ranbu super.

And Yuki's cr.c pops them off for a potential (but small) mix up games.

QUICK EDITION(s): the Yuki corner combo I mentioned a few posts ago (close standing d into dp+c > slide or d-assault) can ALSO be ended with Chodokyu (sp?) Neo Geo Ranbu for fat damage.

Yuki's chain combo: (f.a > df.c > back b > f.d) if done mid near screen or if yuki is in the corner, even if they safe fall, you have enough time to get a charge in.

Advanced Strategy