Zangief (MVC)

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  • He had nice stamina
  • Excellent Special Throws
  • Great Hyper Combo anti air
  • Can change Normal and Mecha Zangief anytime


  • Big Cross up Target
  • Low options for Magic Combos
  • Hyper Tag Team Combo is dull

Basic Tips

c. SP

Magic Series:
Ground Magic Series: None
Jump Magic Series: None
Super Jump Magic Series: Weakest to Strongest

AC Finisher:
FP, RK, Spinning Lariat, SPD

Move List

Mega Mode: B, D, DB + LK (1 level required): First introduced in MSHvSF, this transforms Zangief's skin into iron metal. During this state, Zangief can't block and his speed and agility are shot down.

Fun Facts: -Mega Mode and Double Final Atomic Buster were first introduced in MSHvSF.

Command Normals

Dashing Grab: Fx2

Zangief's dash as he dashes forward slightly in a grappling position.

Elbow Drop: F + MP (in air, D + MP)

Zangief does an elbow drop which can act as an overhead.

Headbutt: U + MP/HP (super jump only)

Zangief does a headbutt which can only be done in a super jump.

Body Press: D + HP (only in air)

Zangief lands down to the ground body first as a surrounding- type rushing attack.

Special Moves

Lariat: P/Kx3 Zangief spins around in a clothesline position.

Spinning Pile Driver: 360 + P

Zangief grabs the opponent as he launches him into the air in a pile driver position as he spins them around with an explosion upon impact to the ground.

Rising Powerbomb: HCF + K

Zangief walks forward in a grappling postition and when it connects, he grabs the opponent and jumps forward while landing them in a Powerbomb position.

Double Suplex: HCF + K (close only)

Zangief does two German Suplexes one after the other with the last one having incredible air time.

Rising Aerial Slam: F, D, DF + K

Zangief rises up into the air in a grabbing position and when it connects, he simply throws the opponent down to the ground.

Vodka Fire: QCF + P (Mega Mode only)

Zangief does a blue version of what resembles Dhalsim's Yoga Flame from MSHvSF.

Hyper Combos

Final Atomic Buster: 360 + Px2

Zangief does a Double Suplex, followed by a Spinning Pile Driver and ends it off with an elevated version of the Spinning Pile Driver as he launches the opponent up with great elevation.

Ultra Final Atomic Buster: 360 + Kx2 (Level 3 only)

Zangief does an extended version of his Final Atomic Buster but the grab range is incredibly crap as it must be done close only.

Siberian Blizzard: 360 + Kx2 (Mega Mode only)

Zangief does an extended version of his Lariat which does multiple hits as it goes vertically.


1) FP, cancel Banisher
2) RK, cancel RK Air Grab
1) j. D FP, RK, cancel RBG/FAB/DFAB
2) j. D FP, cancel SPD
3) j./sj. D SP, FAB
1) j. D FP, c. SP, sj. JP, sj. FK, cancel Spinning Lariat, RK, cancel RBG/FAB/D FAB
2) Air Grab, j. D FP, c. SK, cancel, SK Air Grab, j. D FP