Zantetsu (LB2)

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

  • Flowing Shadow Fury - qcf + A

Zantetsu swings his blade, creating an energy wave. If it connects, opponet is launched; allows for juggling

  • Devil Drop - hcb + C (close in)

Zantetsu covers opponent in his cape and slams him to the ground Can also be done in air

  • Spirit Drill - qcb + B

Zantetsu sends a concealed energy blast forward from his sleeve. Super Cancelable.

  • Underwater Undulation - rdp + A

Zantetsu uses his cape to stealth his appearance temporarily. Last around 10 seconds Being hit will not end the effect

  • Mukuro Nui - qcf + A/B (in air)

Zantetsu throws daggers from the air to the ground. May be done twice. May OTG.

  • Tenma Kyaku - d + C (in air)

Zantetsu uses a diving kick. Makes several kicks if connects

    • Follow-up with d + C to do a downward kick, knocking them to the ground

  • Necromancer's Shadow - f b f + C

Zantetsu slides along the ground in teleportation.

    • Follow up with Tachi Koppa (qcb + A)
    • Follow up with Mist Slicer (qcb + B)

  • Oboro Girl - dp + C

Zantetsu does a 45 degree angle sommersault kick in the air

Possible anti-air

Desperation Moves

  • Steel Crusher - f hcf + AB

Zantetsu swings his blades making two slow-moving projectiles Chargeable

Super Desperation Moves

  • Dark Hunter - hcb hcb + B (in close)

Like Devil Drop, Zantetsu wraps you in his cape and makes devastating slashes, making blood fly across the screen.

The Basics



  • A > QCB+B > (DM) f HCF+AB

  • d+C (x2-3), C / A > DP+C

  • d+C, d+C (do near the end) > f b f+C, QCB A (to punish any recovery) or air QCF+A/B (x 2)

  • d+C (x 2-3), C / A > QCB+B > (DM) f HCF+AB

  • d+C (x 1-2), C / A > QCF+A > uf A > HCB+C

  • d+C (x 2-3), C / A > f b f+C > QCB+A (This one is brutal. It crosses-up sometimes so even if they block, it can often hit, and it's extremely safe. Better players may deflect it if they see it coming thought.)

  • d+C (x 1-2), C / A > QCF u A (Jump-cancel glitch) > f b f+C > QCB+A > u A > HCB+C

  • d+C (x 1-2), C / A > QCF u A (Jump-cancel glitch) > f b f+C > QCB+A > (Repeated) QCF u A (Jump-cancel glitch) (Switch directions as necessary) (Can be done infinitely, so it may be banned from tourneys)


  • d+C (x 1-2), A > f+C > f b f+C, QCB+A

  • d+C (x1-2), A > d+A > B > f b f+C, QCB+A

  • d+A (x 2) > QCF+A > uf+A > HCB+C

  • A > d+A > B >
    • QCB+B
    • QCF+A > uf A > HCB+C
    • QCF u A (Jump-cancel) > f b f+C > QCB+A > Follow-up of your choice
    • f+C > f b f+C > QCB+A
    • f b f+C > QCB+B, QCF+A > uf A > HCB+C
    • (DM) f HCF+AB > (Activate speed combo special)

  • A > d+A >B > f b f+C > QCB+B, QCF u A (Jump-cancel) > f b f+C > QCB+A (Follow-up of your choice)

  • (Activate speed combo special d d+A/B) > A > B > C > d+C > d+A > d+C > f+BC > (Quickly cancel into) f b f+C > QCB+A (Whiffs/Switches direction), u A >


  • (Activate speed combo special d d+A/B) > A > B > C > d+C > d+A > d+C > f+BC > (Quickly cancel into) f b f+C > QCB+A (Whiffs/Switches direction) > (Repeated) QCF u A (Jump-cancel) (Switch directions as necessary)


  • d+C (x 2-3) > QCB+B > (DM) f HCF+AB

  • d+A (x 1-2) > QCB+B > (DM) f HCF+AB

  • d+C (x 1-2) > QCF+A > uf A > HCB+C

  • A > d+A > B > f b f + C > QCB+B, QCB+B > (DM) f HCF+AB

Advanced Strategy


Zantetus is best on power, since he has his links and he'll have tons of meter for DM's because using :u: :qcf::snka:/:snkb: (x2) on grounded opponents gives you like 50% meter back. He's good on any mode though.

Zantetsu's jumping :snka: is godly air to air and can be cancelled into his air throw, his jump :snkc: can be good on occasion from certain angles as well. Utilize his :d::snkc: links to put constant pressure on your opponent, set-up mix-ups and deal damage. Low-jump :snkb: is an awesome cross-up that's extremely easy to space properly. Resist the urge to use his dive kick a lot. It's easily punished

You can zone from across the entire screen with his dash slice move, and can use it punish whiffs from far far away. You can also use it to punish ground/air recoveries by setting it up so it hits them from behind. This is 'the' move that makes Zantetsu so broken, and along with everything else he has, he's just way too well rounded.

He gains meter ridiculously fast, does a lot of damage, has a lot of priority in the air, he's quick, and he's got air-chains. Plus, the dash slice comes out almost instantly, knocks down, sets up ambiguous cross-ups and has almost no recovery. It can be air deflected or punished with a jump-in if you get too predictable with it though.

The first part of his DM stuns the opponent. However, just like Lee's, they programmed the stun the same way they did dizzies, so what you can do is actually mash out of the first part of his DM and block the second if you're fast enough. This is a blessing for other characters, since it seriously cuts down on his damage potential.

His :dp::snkc: is useless. It has god awful start-up/recovery so never ever use it. If you have to anti-air, use :uf::snka: or :qcf::snka: instead. Again, his :snka::snkc: glitch is banned from any and every tournament. Can't even use it once, because it totally breaks his high/low game. He doesn't need it anyway.

One word of caution, never roll towards Zantetsu on wake-up. He's like Lee where he's got a 50-50 high/low mix-up. He can either low-jump :snka: > Dive kick or :d::snkc: into the rest of his chain.

And if you're fighting him, be careful of jumping towards him since his :snka: has ridiculous priority, and his dash slice can easily cross you up in the air. Play defensively and jump straight up to counter his jump :snka:. The dash slice is punishable if you block it, but you gotta be fast.