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      <page pageid="30457" ns="0" title="Reading">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">'''Reading''' or having '''reads''' is the act of predicting your opponent's next attack and perform a specific action that will counter it. e.g. if you read that your opponent will do a backdash to escape your tick throw you can use another long range attack right after your jab that is specially designed to catch backdashes.

Reads are opposed to reactions because the latter require to actually see the visual cue of the opponent's action before pressing any button. That doesn't mean however that reactions are devoid of any kind of anticipation or expectation: many (if not most) great &quot;reactions&quot; of pro players are actually the result of the player actively waiting for a specific action done by the opponent to trigger the counter-attack. They might also use techniques like [[buffering]] to make the reaction easier.

==Hard Reads==
As opposed to regular reads, hard reads imply to do a usually risky action way before the opponent even started to attack, often in a neutral situation or without any immediate conditioning. Hard reads are usually required for characters such as [[Character archetypes|grapplers]] that have slow normals or can be heavily punished on whiff. ''Example'': Rose doing a Soul Throw on the opponent's wake-up to catch a neutral jump can be considered as a hard read because the special move only catches airborne opponents and is heavily punishable on whiff.

The ability of consistently performing hard reads and being in the opponent's head is called ''yomi'' in Japanese.

==See also==
      <page pageid="25514" ns="0" title="Real Bout Fatal Fury">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">[[File:rbfflogo.png|right]]
Real Bout Fatal Fury is a 1995 fighting game released by SNK.

It's a good idea before you begin, you view the How to Play so you know the basic controls for the game. This is the first step to learning how to play, so pay good attention!

:Up = Makes your character jump.
:Right = Moves your character forward.
:Left = Moves your character backward.
:Down = Makes your character crouch.
:A = Punch
:B = Kick
:C = Heavy Attack
:D = Line Shift/Attack an Opponent in an opposite plane.

=Game Mechanics=

'''Forward Dash''' : Double tap forward. If you jump during a Forward Dash, you can jump further than you could normally.

'''Backward Dash''' : Double tap back. If you time this correctly, you can avoid projectiles and some attacks.

'''Small Jump''' : Simply tap the up direction and you will do a small jump. You can do a small backward and forward jump as well.

'''Blocking''' : Simply hold back while your opponent attacks, and you will defend yourself, taking no damage from basic attacks, and small amounts of damage from special and desperation moves. You can block aerial and high attacks from a standing block position. Also note that if you are blocking your opponent, you don't have to hold back to continue blocking, this makes countering with a Breakshot easier, along with switching to a low blocking position.

'''Low Blocking''': - Hold back and down together as your opponent attacks, and you will assume a crouching guard position. This is the only way to defend against low attacks. Aerial and most high attacks will hit you in this position.

'''Roll Recovery (Front Plane)''' D after getting knocked down       
:works only for: Andy,Franco, Geese, Billy,Yamazaki, and Kim

'''Roll Recovery (Back Plane)'''  D after getting knocked down      
:works only for: Terry, Joe, Mai, Bob, Hon-Fu, Sokaku, Mary, Chonrei, Chonshu, and Duck
'''Defensive Attack''' f+A while blocking

'''Taunt''': S From Far Away

'''Reversal''': Guard then input a special move immediately after blockstun has finished

'''Breakshot''': Input a move with Breakshot properties while guarding

==Line Shift Fighting==
Line Shift Fighting
While in the back line, you have quite a few maneuvers you can perform, offensive and defensive. It's a good idea to learn to take advantage of both, because it can make a great deal of difference during play. 

'''Movement''': - In the back line, you can move forward and back. You can dash forward and back as well. Note that dashing will cause you to return back to the front line. It's a good idea to use the dash in the back line sparingly, as it leaves you open to attack.

'''Defending''': - You can block high and low in the back line, however blocking an attack from the back line will return you to the front. If you are hit while in the backline, you will also be forced to return to the front. Finally, you can perform a roll back into the front if you press Down + D.

'''Attacking (Back line)''': - You can perform three kinds of attacks from the back line, high (A), low (B), and heavy (C). High attacks from the back line must be blocked high, while low attacks must be blocked low. Heavy attacks can be blocked high or low, however if they connect, you can follow up with another attack easily. Also, some characters may have special back line attacks that may be performed.

'''Attacking (Front line)''': - You can attack an opponent that is in the back line by hitting D for a high attack and Down + D for a low attack. 

'''Line Thrust Attack''': - Nearly every character can perform an attack that will force their opponent into the back line, allowing them to attack them again with a front line attack.

'''Line Shift Attack''': - Some characters may have a move that enables them to hit an opponent while in the front line as they shift into the backline. These kind of moves can make for great offensive and defensive maneuvers, but as with any line shift movement, use wisely.

==Chain Combos==
Every character can chain certain basic attacks into a chain combo. These chain combo's differ from each character, but they essentially do pretty decent damage on their own. The true power behind these rely on being able to follow up these chain combo's with a special or desperation move that greatly increase their damage potential.
You can also knock your opponent into the background with some of these combo's, allowing you to do even more damage. Experiment and learn your characters chain combo's, then figure out how you can turn them into even more flashy combo's.

==Ring Out==
New to this game is the introduction of ring outs which are common in games such as Virtua Fighter and Soul Calibur. If the corner obstacle take too much damage from repeated attacks of the opponent, the corner obstacle will be destroyed. Causing if you take an attack while it's destroyed, you forfeit the round to the opponent. 

The damage from either side will carry over the next rounds until the match is over.

==Desperation Moves==
:Every character has at least one Desperation and one Super Desperation Move, and both are very powerful types of attacks. 

:Desperation Moves can be performed when you have the power gauge built up to S.Power or when your life bar is flashing red, you may use unlimited Desperation Moves. 

:Super Desperation Moves can only be performed when your life bar is flashing red and you have the power gauge built up to P.Power. If your gauge is at S.Power and your life bar begins to flash, it will automatically change to P.Power.

:Desperation Moves and Super Desperation Moves can hit in both planes, so be warned of doing plane shifts when the opponent can do them.

=Basic Strategy=

*If your opponent tries to line shift close to you attack them with a D attack(High) or Down+D attack(Low). Just note if you do it too early/late, it can leave you open for attack.If you react too late and your opponent does a low attack you can do a hop attack to punish it and strong attacks have slow startup so you can counter hit them.

*Line shifting is a risky part of gameplay, but has it's uses to advance through some zoning where other tactics may not work.

*Keep jump attacks and hops to a minimum unless you are sure there is something you can punish/beat with a jump/hop attack e.g(Sweeps, Fireballs)

*Play a lot of footsies with your Normals and hitconfirming.

*Use neutral hops(and jumps) attacks as means sometimes to defend yourself. In the Fatal Fury and KOF games it can look like your ground normals are terrible/not as strong. Using neutral hops and jumps this can make the difference for stopping air attacks where your ground attacks wouldn't do the job. As well as tag grounded attacks with hops. Finding the sweet spot and timing for certain air attacks will take practice.

=Advanced Strategy=

=Tier List=


:Geese Howard
:Franco Bash
:Kim Kaphwan
:Billy Kane


:Mai S
:Blue Mary

Lower Mid

:Hon Fu


:Duck King

:[[Andy Bogard(RBFF)|Andy Bogard]]
:[[Bob Wilson(RBFF)|Bob Wilson]]
:[[Franco Bash(RBFF)|Franco Bash]]
:[[Ryuji Yamazaki(RBFF)|Ryuji Yamazaki]]
:[[Hon Fu(RBFF)|Hon Fu]]
:[[Jin Chonshu(RBFF)|Jin Chonshu]]
:[[Terry Bogard(RBFF)|Terry Bogard]]
:[[Joe Higashi(RBFF)|Joe Higashi]]
:[[Sokaku Mochizuki(RBFF)|Sokaku Mochizuki]]
:[[Jin Chonrei(RBFF)|Jin Chonrei]]
:[[Mai Shiranui(RBFF)|Mai Shiranui]]
:[[Blue Mary(RBFF)|Blue Mary]]
:[[Kim Kaphwan(RBFF)|Kim Kaphawn]]
:[[Geese Howard(RBFF)|Geese Howard]]
:[[Billy Kane(RBFF)|Billy Kane]]
:[[Duck King(RBFF)|Duck King]]

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