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Body Tosses

Top Hunting Throw - Near opponent, press Back or N or Forward + C + D

Unique Moves

Robo Arm - Press Down Forward + A

Whirlwind Fist - Press Back or Forward + C

Hyper Tackle - Press Down Back or Down Forward + D

Special Moves

Joy Joy Block - QCF + A or C or A + C (hold Down

Baseball Stars - QCB + A (SC)

Baseball Stars Professional - QCB + C (SC)

Baseball Stars 2 - QCB + A + C

Bushinken - QCF + B or D (SC)

2020 Super Catch - HCB + B or D

Joy Joy Balloon - Press A + B + C (press any direction to move)

>Joy Joy Treasure - Press A or C

>Joy Joy Kick - Press B

>Joy Joy Block - QCF + A or C

>Cancel - Press D

>>Coma - Press A or C

>>Moonsault - Press B or D

Desperation Moves

Joy Joy Party - QCF QCF + A or C

Last Resort - HCB HCB + A or C

>Power! Unit! - QCB + A or C


Ai Primer Version I(by Dark Geese):

- Before you go on trying to tackle her need to know the basics of Ai first.

- Her bnb combo is Cr.b, cr.a, df+D to qcb+p Bat..this can link into the qcbx2 p super.

- Another variation of her bnb is st.b to Df+C to bat to ourobouros.

- -Ai doesn’t have a really good be careful.

- The bat reflects projectiles..builds good battery by itself and is a good thing to use.

- Her teleport is good and its button makes her actually teleport while the other is a fake..

- Her OuroBouros Super is good for rush down and can be released I believe by doing another qcbx2+p to release it.

- Her Joy Joy Balloon is mid-air ABC in the air..D dismounts and can dismount via a crossup..this is key for mastering the infinite. If you Press D again after the first D she will do a dive kick that will crossup.

- Pressing ABC again while on the Joy Joy Balloon will make it explode.

- Forward+ C is a good normal to use as well.

- Far St. D is a good poke to use sparingly with Ai also.