Air Juggles/Air Techs

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Air juggles occur alot in TRF2. They're used to put the opponent in a certain position, to keep juggling, or for just damage. Air juggles are good, and could technically go on forever if you maintain the juggle at a certain height of the screen, which is about the characters torso area. That part of the screen is un-techable.

(I think this may be false. You can tech out anywhere. There does exist some sort of hitstun applied to airborne opponents. The reason you cannot tech, for instance, when Greed is doing that close to the ground juggle of his, is due to hitstun, and not location based tech restrictions. -stabo)

To do a regular air tech, do the following:

  • TRF2 recovery.gif

This doesn't cost any super meter.

To do a quick recovery tech, do the following:

  • TRF2 quick recovery.gif

This costs one DEF bar.

Keep in mind to mixup where you tech in order to confuse the opponent. But, there's also ways that some characters can still attack you no matter where you tech because they have both directions covered, that's more character specific though.

- Post-tech retaliation: I believe you can only use each of the 4 normals one time during a trip in the air. In example, if you are hit in the air, you can tech and do to retaliate, however, if you are hit again in the air, and tech, you cannot issue again.

- Untechable moves: Certain moves, under certain conditions (such as counter hit shoryukens) will launch opponents in an untechable state. Once the opponent recieves one hit in this state, he is allowed to tech again.

- Recovery after landing: I believe the recovery frames of what you have done in the air will carry over onto landing. For instance, if you executed a shortly before hitting the ground, you will suffer a short amount of recovery time where the opponent can initiate a grounded combo on you. However, if you jump, do nothing, and land, you can block (or perform other actions) after landing from frame 0. This may also be true if the move you executed right before landing had few recovery frames (such as j.lp,