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Fights like Ryu and Ken, but has mastered the "murderous intent" of the style. Killed their master Gouken. For more details about this Akuma's background, please see the article at Wikipedia [1].

Strategy Guides

Move List

Note - Not all moves are available in all games and exact details may vary by game.

Ashura Senku

Akuma warps through enemies and most attacks.


This move is pretty much the same thing as a Hadouken (Fireball). Akuma gathers Chi into an energy ball and releases that energy towards an opponent.

Gou Shoryuken

This is pretty much the same thing as a Shoryuken (Dragon Punch). A jumping, twisting uppercut.

Hyaku Shuu

Akuma rolls into a ball and lunges in an arc towards his opponent. This move is then followed up by one of the following moves:

Hyakki Gouzan

If no commands are issued after performing a Hyaku Shuu while he was in the air, Akuma will do a sliding kick as soon as he touches the ground.

Hyaki Goushou

Akuma punches downwards on his opponent.

Hyaki Goujin

Akuma kicks down on his opponent.

Hyaki Gousai

Akuma will grab his opponent by his shoulders, flip him in the air and toss him.

Hyaki Gotsui

<description pending>


Akuma strikes the ground and causes fountains of flame to sprout high out of the ground on either side of him.

Messatsu-Gou Hadou

A very large and powerfull multi-hitting go hadouken.


Akuma launches his Tatsumaki Zankukyaku very high straight up in the air, juggling his opponents between his kicks on the way up.


Akuma performs several Goushoryukens.

Senpu Kyaku

Akuma does a short hop forwards ending in a kick.

Seoi Nage

Akuma grapples his opponent and tosses him over his shoulder.

Shakunetsu Hadouken

This is a slower, more powerfull Gohadouken.


Akuma performs a Ashura Senku towards his opponent, grabs his opponent, and has them "experience hell".

Tatsumaki Zankukyaku

This is pretty much the same thing as a Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku (Hurricane Kick). Akuma levitates, does a spinning kick, and travels horizontally in the air. Can also be performed when already in the air.


An extra strong and large go hadouken thrown from the air like a Zanku Hadouken.

Tenma Kuujin Kyaku

<description pending>

Tomoe Nage

Akuma grapples his opponents with his foot against his stomach, rolls onto his back, and tosses them across the stage with his foot away from his head.

Zanku Hadouken

A Hadouken is released diagonally downwards towards the opponent.

Zenpo Tenshin

A ground roll capable of rolling under projectiles.

Zugai Hasatsu

A lunging "Karate chop" to the head.