Akuma (3S)

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Akuma's Character Select Portrait
Akuma's Neutral Stance



D = Down
C = Crouch
F = Forward
B = Back
U = Up
J = Jump
HC(F/B) = Half Circle
QC(F/B) = Quarter Circle
FC(F/B) = Full Circle
S = Short/Close
P = Punch (any punch unless preceded by L, M, or H)
K = Kick (any kick unless preceded by L, M, or H)
L = Low
M = Medium
H = High
All moves in the following listing are performed in the standing/neutral position unless otherwise stated.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Dash F,F / B,B
Super Jump D,U / D,UB * / D,UF *
* (The last 2 will cause Akuma to jump forward or backward a much greater distance and height than by jumping forward or backward normally.)
Overhead MP MK
Taunt HP HK (Increase Super meter