Akuma (3S)

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Akuma's Character Select Portrait
Akuma's Neutral Stance


When playing Akuma the basic goal is to use his superior zoning ability in order to control your opponent’s options, and at the same time, minimizing the risk of getting hit yourself.

It is very important to note (if you haven't noticed already) that Akuma has THE WORST defense rating of the characters in 3S. He is also tied with Remy for having the smallest stun bar of all of the characters 3S.

You should also note that Akuma's supers are all the same length, and that he has no EX moves. All this was done to counter balance his incredible offense and mix-up. Many people are turned away from Akuma because they see him as being too inconsistent due to his stamina, but I hope to reassure you that by making smart decisions during the match, Akuma has no holes at all in his game.



Moves List


Foward F / (foward).png
Back B / (back).png
Crouch C / (down).png
Jump J / (up).png
Jump Foward JF / (jf).png
Jump Backwards JB / (jb).png
Super Jump (down).png (up).png
Super Jump Foward (down).png (jf).png
Super Jump Backwards (down).png (jb).png
Dash Foward (foward).png(foward).png
Dash Backwards (back).png(back).png
Quarter Circle Foward QCF / (qcf).png
Quarter Circle Backwards QCB / (qcb).png
Half Circle Backwards HCB / (hcb).png
Foward, Down, Down-Foward F,D,DF / DP / (dp).png
Back, Down, Back-Foward (dpr).png
Guard (High) (back).png when enemy is attacking
Guard (Low) (db).png when enemy is attacking
Parry (High) Tap (foward).png when about to take a hit
Parry (Low) Tap (down).png when about to take a hit
Parry (Air) Tap (foward).png in air when about to take a hit
Red Parry Execute parry after blocking a hit in a combo
Punch (Any) P / (punch).png
Kick (Any) K / (kick).png
Jab LP / (lp).png
Strong MP / (mp).png
Fierce HP / (hp).png
Short LK / (lk).png
Foward MK / (mk).png
Roundhouse HK / (hk).png

Normal Moves

Dash F,F / B,B
Super Jump D,U / D,UB * / D,UF *
* (The last 2 will cause Akuma to jump forward or backward a much greater distance and height than by jumping forward or backward normally.)
Overhead MP MK
Taunt HP HK (Increase Super meter