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How to Choose Akuma

Unlike his counterparts, Akuma is a secret character that requires a special input code. To choose him, do the following at the character selection screen:

  • Start with the character selection cursor over Ryu or Ken. Wait a small period of time. (Three seconds should be plenty.)
  • Move the cursor to T.Hawk. Wait in the same way.
  • Then move the cursor to Guile. Wait a short while again.
  • After that, move to Cammy. Wait.
  • Finally, move the cursor back to Ryu or Ken. Wait one last time.
  • At this point, you may optionally move the cursor to any character. There's no real reason to take this unnecessary step unless you're afraid you might get the code wrong and want to choose a specific backup character in such a case.
  • Now press start, and then very quickly after pressing start (within about 0.3 seconds is suggested), press all 3 punch buttons simultaneously.

HD Remix

To play as Akuma in arcade mode, select Guile and press Up. To play as Akuma in Training/Versus modes, select E.Honda and press Up.

Tournament Illegality and Etiquette

Since Akuma is considered an overwhelmingly-strong character, he's banned in virtually every tournament. Choosing him outside of tournaments may also be frowned upon if the games are being played with any kind of seriousness. Playing as him should be done for entertainment value only. He is balanced in Remix.

--Raisin (May 3, 2007)

Moves List

Remixed Changes

This section refers to HD Remix (360 / PS3)

New move:

         Raging Demon Super = LP, LP, F, LK, HP

Super travels slower and farther than the secret version of Akuma in Dreamcast. Also, it has additional startup frames and cannot grab opponents during their "pre-jump" frames.

Modified moves:

               Fireballs: Red fireball command is now F, DF, D, DB, B + Punch.
                          Red fireballs have more startup. Blue fireballs have
                          more startup and recovery. HP Blue fireball only has
                          the huge knockback effect from very close range.
                          Air fireball has new downward angle and causes Akuma
                          to hang in the air slightly when thrown. Air fireball
                          can now be done lower to the ground, allowing instant
                          air fireball using "tiger knee" motion.
               Teleport: Command requires only 2 punch or 2 kick rather than 3.
                         Builds no super meter. His head is vulnerable.
               Hurricane: Hurricane Kicks don’t have invulnerable startup and
                          can’t hit on the way up.


      * Akuma takes slightly more damage than other characters.
      * Can be dizzied.
      * No longer invulnerable during his ducking kicks.
      * Standing MK hitbox fixed.
      * Timing on Raging Demon command much more lenient

--added by: _MJ_#R

The Basics

Advanced Strategy