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How to play against Gouki (Akuma)
This is for people who want an extra challenge. In the order to face Akuma as the alpha boss, your character must have these requirements:

1) Must be on Manual.
2) Fight with no continues.
3) Defeat your opponents two rounds in a row (don't lose a round), having first attack on each round.
4) Must use Hyper-X 6 times or more and it must CONNECT to the opponent each time. No missed or blocked Hyper-X nor blocked or cheesy 1-hit super-finish will be accepted. You must get a MAXIMUM number of combos hits from your character's Hyper-X at least once.

If done correctly, Akuma will appear as the sixth opponent, before Juggernaut. His stage is the Danger Room and he fights like he does in SUPER STREET FIGHTER 2 TURBO. GOOD LUCK!

Contributed By: Megnetto on gamefaqs

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