Alba Meira

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Overall Gameplay

Alba is a pretty straightfoward character. His main goal is to get into his opponents face and rush them down with his kicks and other stylish arts. He has a pretty good mixup game and useful specials and supers, but he also tends to get boring after a while.

Special Moves

(SC) Luminescent Lash (QCB+P)-This is his basic projectile and can be repeated up to three times. Mainly used for zoning.

(SC) Winds of Pain (QCF+P)- Another projectile attack, mainly used for anti-air purposes and combos.

Thunderbolt Trash (QCF+K)-This is the main combo ender you'll use for OTGs, knocks the opponents all the way across the screen and decently safe on block.

Upper Dragon Snatch/Lower Dragon Snatch (DP+P)-LP is for the upper, SP is for the lower, learn how to use these, they can save you from alot of damage. Tip: Use them after a sabaki when you think that the opponent will use a guard cancel attack.

(SC) Omnidirectional Cluster Bomb (f,b,f+P)- This is another one of Alba's important moves to use, mainly used for wall combos.

Captive Serpent Jab (HCB+SK) Crushing Dragon (D+SK during Captive Serpent Jab)-Command Throw, Pretty decent move but not a move you're going to need to use often.

Super Special Moves

Level 1-Surruptitious Punch of the Thundergod (QCFx2+LP)-Good lvl 1 super, can be easily comboed into, opponent can't roll past it. Level 2-Hallowed Slug of the Heavenly Conqueror (QCFx2+SP)-Main combo ender if you have the meter for it. Useful in almost all situations, but don't use it out in the open because it's easier to avoid than the level one (even though the look exactly the same) Level 3-Celestial Slam of Odin (QCFx+K)-This is his most powerful super, has autoguard all during the move, but it's easier to see coming outside of combos. Main use for it is in his wall combos (Ex. B,B,B, F,B,F+P SC QCFx2K)

Stylish Moves

Pretty much the only stylish moves you will need to know is the kicking ones, such as B,B,B and B,B,Dxinf, the rest you can mix in if you want, but they're not really needed.


C,C,C, f,b,f+P (SC into QCFx2+C or QCFx2+K if in the corner) B,B,B,B, or any variation into QCF+K C,C,b+A,f+C,QCF+P (SC into QCFx2+C or QCFx2+K)

Will add more