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[[Image:Alex3sport.gif|frame|right|Alex's Character Select Portrait]]
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Select Portrait]]
[[Image:Alex3s-stance.gif|frame|right|Alex's Neutral Stance]]
[[Image:Alex3s-stance.gif|frame|right|Alex's Neutral Stance]]

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Alex's Character Select Portrait
Alex's Neutral Stance


Alex, who hails from New York, is the main character in the Street Fighter 3 series. His appearance slightly mimics that of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan. He wears green trousers and combat boots, and a identifying red head band.

Alex is a throw based character.

Moves List

Normal Moves


Body Slam LP LK

Command Normals

Chop F MP
Lariat F HP
Head Butt B HP *
Sleeper Hold B HP (opponent turned around) *
Flying Cross Chop D j.HP

* Sleeper Hold is performed if opponent was grabbed from behind. Press HP repeatedly for additional damage.

Target Combos

  • D LK -> D MK
  • D LK -> D HK

Special Moves

Flash Chop QCF P (EX)
Power Bomb/Back Drop HCB P *
Spiral D.D.T. HCB K
Air Knee Smash DP K (EX)
Slash Elbow Charge B, F K (in air) (EX)
Air Stampede Charge D, U K (EX)

* Back Drop is performed if opponent was grabbed from behind

Super Arts

I Hyper Bomb 360 P 1 stock (3.2 ex)
II Boomerang Raid QCF, QCF P 2 stocks (4.8 ex)
III Stun Gun Head Butt QCF, QCF P 1 stock (2.0 ex)

Move Analysis


  • Alex's BnB - j.HP, Close MK x LP/EX Flash Chop
    • [j.HP, Close MK x SA2]meter
  • Alex's Punisher - HP Flash Chop, HP Power Bomb
    • [HP Flash Chop, Close MK x SA2]meter
  • HP Flash Chop, Close MK x SA2
  • c.LP x c.LP x SA2
  • HP Flash Chop x SA3 (Useful for attempting the stun gun trap)
  • MP x EX Air Knee (Good Anti-Air after a parry)

Frame Data

Frame Data Terminology

  • Start Up: This indicates the number of frames it takes for the hit box of an attack to open.
  • Adv.Frames: (Block / Hit / c.Hit): When an attack is blocked, or hits (or hits crouching) respectively, you have a certain number of recovery frames before you can move, attack, or block again. A positive number indicates the number of frames you can move or attack before your opponent can; as a negative number indicates the number of frames your opponent can move or attack before you can. The higher, the better. This number is used to determine if a move is safe or not, and for linking purposes.
  • Cancel: (Special / Super): If the animation of the move can be cancelled into a special, then it is a special cancel. If the animation of the move can be cancelled into a super, then it is a super cancel. Special moves only have super cancel for obvious reasons.
  • Section: (Guard / Parry): This is just stating what form of guard must be used to defend this move. It will either be H (High), L (Low), H/L (Both) or U (Unblockable). This also states what form of parry must be used to defend this move. It will either be H (High), L (Low), H/L (Both), U (Unparryable).
  • JPT (Juggle Potential Take): This is the amount of juggle potential that is lost when this attack hits during a juggle. Default juggle potential is always 6. Soon as juggle potential reaches 0, you can't juggle the opponent anymore (There are exceptions). If an attack has a juggle potential take of 6, you basically won't be able to juggle anymore (of course, there are exceptions). X means that you can't juggle with the move, and - means you CAN juggle with it but there's nothing you can do to juggle after it.
  • Rating: This is my personal rating on the attack. The higher (1-5) the number, the more useful it is. This rating is determined by not only the provided information about the attack, but other information that I don't give like the range of an attack, its priority, the size of the attack box as well as the length of time it stays out.
  • Mtr Length (Meter Length): This is the size of the super meter. Generally (Besides Ibuki) a Standing Strong will give you 2 points of meter.

Alex Only

  • OBT (Opponent's Back Turned): Specifies the case of whether the attack hit an opponent facing away from Alex.


Move Start-Up Adv.Frames: (Block / Hit / c.Hit) Cancel: (Special / Super) Section: (Guard / Parry) Damage: (Min / Max) JPT Rating
LP 4 1 1 1 Yes Yes H/L H/L 3 6 1 3
LP (F) 4 1 1 1 Yes Yes H/L H/L 3 6 1 2
c.LP 4 1 1 1 Yes Yes H/L H/L 3 6 1 3
j.LP 4 - - - - - H H 5 8 3 3
MP 4 1 0 1 Yes Yes HL H 12 22 1 3
c.MP 7 0 1 2 No No HL HL 11 19 1 3
j.MP 5 - - - - - H H 10 14 3 2
HP 14 -1 1 3 No No H H 18 32 - 4
c.HP 13 -9 D D No No HL HL 16 26 1/5 2
j.HP 8 - - - - - H H 18 31 3 3
LK 5 0 0 0 Yes Yes HL HL 5 8 1 3
c.LK 5 2 2 2 Yes Yes L L 5 8 1 3
j.LK 4 - - - - - H H 7 13 3 3
MK 5 -1 0 1 Yes Yes H/L H/L 13 23 1 4
MK (F) 11 0 1 2 No No H/L H/L 12 22 1 4
c.Mk 8 -1 0 1 No No L L 9 15 X 4
j.MK 9 - - - - - H H 11 19 3 3
HK 16 -13 0 2 No No HL H 19 33 1 3
c.HK 11 -15 D D No No L L 16 28 - 2
j.HK 8 - - - - - H H 15 26 3 3


Move Start-Up Adv.Frames: (Block / Hit / c.Hit) Cancel: (Special / Super) Section: (Guard / Parry) Damage: (Min / Max) JPT Rating
Body Slam 3 - - - - - - -  ?  ? - -

Command Normals

Command Normals
Move Start-Up Adv.Frames: (Block / Hit / c.Hit) Cancel: (Special / Super) Section: (Guard / Parry) Damage: (Min / Max) JPT Rating
F MP 7 -1 0 1 No No H/L H/L 14 24 1 4
F HP 9 -1 1 3 No No H/L H 17 24 6 3
B HP 8 -11 - - No No H/L U 23 32 X 2
B HP (OBT) 8 -11 3 3 No No H/L U  ?  ? X 2
D j.HP 10 - - - - - H H 15 26 3 2

Special Moves

Special Moves
Move Start-Up Adv.Frames: (Block / Hit / c.Hit) Cancel: (Super) Section: (Guard / Parry) Damage: (Min / Max) JPT Rating
LP Flash Chop 12 -2 - - No H/L H 15 26 6 4
MP Flash Chop 16 -1 - - Yes H/L H 16 28 6 3
HP Flash Chop 20 -1 - - Yes H/L H 18 31 6 3
EX Flash Chop 10 -1 - - Yes H/L H 24 39 6 4
LP Power Bomb 7 - - - No U U 20 28 X 4
MP Power Bomb 8 - - - No U U 23 32 X 3
HP Power Bomb 9 - - - No U U 25 35 X 3
LP Power Bomb (OBT) 7 - - - No U U 23 32 X 2
MP Power Bomb (OBT) 8 - - - No U U 25 35 X 2
HP Power Bomb (OBT) 9 - - - No U U 29 40 X 3
LK DDT 21 - - - No U U 20 28 X 2
MK DDT 24 - - - No U U 20 28 X 3
HK DDT 27 - - - No U U 20 28 X 2
LK Air Knee Smash 7 - - - No H H 15 21 6 3
MK Air Knee Smash 8 - - - No H H 17 24 6 3
HK Air Knee Smash 9 - - - No H H 19 26 6 3
EX Air Knee Smash 4 - - - No H H 24 33 6 4
LK Slash Elbow 16 -2 - - Yes H/L H 12 22 3 3
MK Slash Elbow 19 -8 - - Yes H/L H 15 26 3 2
HK Slash Elbow 21 -8 - - Yes H/L H 18 31 3 2
EX Slash Elbow 10 -6 - - Yes H/L H 19 34 6 4
LK Air Stomp 24 -3 - - No H H 15 26 - 3
MK Air Stomp 26 -3 - - No H H 18 31 - 3
HK Air Stomp 27 -3 - - No H H 20 35 - 3
EX Air Stomp 27 -3 - - No H H 23 40 - 3

Super Arts

Super Arts
Move Start-Up Adv.Frames: (Block / Hit / c.Hit) Section: (Guard / Parry) Damage: (Min / Max) Mtr Length Stocks JPT Rating
Hyper Bomb 3 - - - U U 64 88 130 1 X 3
Hyper Bomb (OBT) 3 - - - U U 71 99 130 1 X 3
Boomerang Raid 3 - - - H H 43 64 97 2 - 2
Stun Gun Head-butt 27 - - - U U 22 31 82 1 X 3

Additional Frame Data

  • Jump Start Up: 4 Frames
  • High Jump Start Up: 6 Frames
  • Toward Dash: 1 frame start up, 9 frames in air, 4 recovery frames
  • Away Dash: 2 frame start up, 10 frames in air, 6 recovery frames
  • Length of Stun Meter: 72 points (It takes 23 frames for Alex to recover 1 point)
  • 67 frame wake up
  • 49 frame quick recovery.



Alex is a low tier character, who is afflicted with being the other half of Hugo, in that he's fast, but his grabs aren't particularly good. His EX Techniques are very useful, as they make his regularly unsafe moves safe(ish).


Super Art Selection

Use Super Art: SA2 (Boomerang Raid). Why? Alex's EX moves make him a much better character, and SA2 has the most meter to store EX moves. SA2 is also the easiest super art to combo into. Why not SA1? Because it has a 3 frame start up, that's why. The opponent can just jump out of it if it's not properly set up. The only time that it is ever guaranteed is after a MP or HP Flash Chop. Why not SA3? Because the Stun Gun trap is escapable. It's not easy, but its possible.

The other two supers tend to rely on gimmicks to land. As we all know, gimmicks only work once on a competent opponent, if at all.

  • SA1
    • Cannot be Comboed Into
    • 3 Frame Start Up
    • Large Damage
      • Use on: Akuma(ish) Akuma's low stamina means that this super can really frighten an offensive player.
  • SA2
    • Large capacity for EX Techniques
    • Easier to Combo into
      • Use on: All
  • SA3
    • Trap is Escapable
    • Small capacity for EX Techniques
    • Large Stun
      • Use on: N/A


Alex's prime kara-throw normal is F HP. (F HP x Throw)

A kara-throw is cancelling a normal move into a throw before the normal technique executes.

To grasp what it is you're supposed to be seeing after a successful Kara-Throw, watch the feet of your character. If you see dust appear around them, and visually see the sprite move forward, you have successfully performed a Kara-Throw.

Kara-Throw's are given merit by the distance covered in that short movement. The further that distance, the better, as you will be able to grab opponent from far further away than normal.

If you cannot see your character move forward, it is possible that you are:

  • Using the wrong normal


  • The character you are using has no viable kara-throw techniques.



Strong high section techniques include; HP and Meaty UOH x SA2. Meaty Close MK x HK Air Stomp and Meaty Close MK x MK Air Stomp are also very useful tools as the former will actually cross up the opponent giving you at least a 50/50 game going. Regarding Alex's low mix-ups c.LK x c.MK can be very helpful in addition to his sweep: c.HK. Utilize your c.Lk x c.MK freely, and the sweep more sparingly.

As is the way with all the characters in the game, a throw as an additional "3rd Option" for your mix-up in very helpful. Especially in Alex's case, given his two command throws. Power Bombing, and tick Power Bombing are dangerous techniques to be hit by, but use them sparingly, they have not the strength of Hugo's and can be defended against more easily.

Your final tool that you can use is Meaty Close MK x MK DDT. This can be very helpful if you use it correctly. Crouching up close before executing the meaty technique can give the impression you're going to prepare an Air Stomp OR a low move. If you're lucky, they'll block the wrong way pre-empting your cross-up air stomp/try to parry low/get the timing wrong on a high parry. If you're unlucky, they'll block. This kind of reinforcing agent (coupled with Close MK's relative safety) can be a great help to you in trying to land power bombs.

Additional Notes

  • Personal Action: Alex's damage done on the next attack increases. Holding Fierce and Roundhouse keeps this action going. If Alex rotates his arm 7 times, the damage increase is maxed out. This can be done in multiple taunts.


Serious Advantage Match-ups

Alex has no match-ups where he is at a serious advantage

Advantage Match-ups

  • Q - Strategy Goes Here
  • Hugo - Strategy Goes Here
  • Twelve - Strategy Goes Here
  • Sean - Strategy Goes Here

Fair Match-ups

  • Remy - Strategy Goes Here
  • Alex - Strategy Goes Here
  • Necro - Strategy Goes Here

Disadvantage Match-ups

  • Yun - Strategy Goes Here
  • Chun-Li - Strategy Goes Here
  • Ken - Strategy Goes Here
  • Makoto - Strategy Goes Here
  • Dudley - Strategy Goes Here
  • Yang - Strategy Goes Here
  • Akuma - Strategy Goes Here
  • Urien - Strategy Goes Here
  • Ryu - Strategy Goes Here
  • Oro - Strategy Goes Here
  • Ibuki - Strategy Goes Here
  • Elena - Strategy Goes Here

Serious Disadvantage Match-ups

  • Chun-Li - Strategy Goes Here