Amaterasu (MvC3)

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MvC3 Main Page

Amaterasu's official artwork


Amaterasu is a Capcom character hailing from the cult classic hit, Ōkami. The MvC3 team seems to have stayed true to her techniques in Ōkami. Implementing many of her weapons, and tools seems to have created an extremely interesting character. The Ōkami version of Amaterasu is the wolf incarnation of the Sun Goddess. She uses her power to restore peace and beauty to the lands.


Amaterasu's colors


Normal Moves

Special Moves

Hyper Moves



  • α: Solar Flare= Amaterasu’s counter which ends in a SPD
  • β: Cold Star= Revision of the infamous Ice Shots of the SDCC Build. Was changed to being shot down-forward in the TGS Bild because ground shots were OP
  • γ: Bloom= Builds meter

The Basics

Advanced Strategy