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Command Normals:
1. Uwa Agito - f+B
- has frame disadvantage even if it hits
- overhead
- free cancellable out of into qcf+K(air)
- can be used to evade low attacks such as sweeps

2. Age Men - df+A
- cancellable on the first hit
- free cancellable out of on the second hit

Special Moves:
1. Hishou Ken - qcb+A

2. Geki Hishou Ken - qcb+C
- Andy extends his palm creating a ball of energy in front of him. The ball stays in front of him for 5 hits
- not possible to punish on block and it is difficult to guard roll behind him, unless the opponent do so on the very first hit

3. Shouryuu Dan - dp+P
- supercancellable on the first hit
- free cancellable out of on the first hit to ground attacks and on the rest of the hits to qcf+K(air)
- hard knockdown on the last hit

4. Yami Abise Geri - rdp+K
- free cancellable out of
- rdp+D has a lot of startup invincibility

5. Kuuha Dan - hcf+K
- only sometimes punishable on block by throws but can be rolled behind and punished easily
- free cancellable out of on the first hit to ground attacks and on the rest of the hits to qcf+K(air)

6. Gekiheki Haisui Shou - hcf+P
- an unblockable attack that acts somewhat like a throw, but can be rolled out of
- if you do the move when not in range, or when they are in block stun such that a throw would not work, then this move will not show a whiff animation and instead either Zan'ei Ken db f+P or close A/C will come out
- last hit knocks the opponent into the air
- free cancellable out of on all four hits

7. Gen'ei Shiranui - qcf+K(air)
- free cancellable into

7a. Gen'ei Shiranui: Shimo Agito - P (after Gen'ei Shiranui qcf+K(air)) - low attack
- supercancellable but qcb hcf+P whiffs
- free cancellable out of

7b. Gen'ei Shiranui: Uwa Agito - K (after Gen'ei Shiranui qcf+K(air))
- has horrible recovery time if blocked
- overhead
- free cancellable out of into qcf+K(air)

8. Zan'ei Ken - db f+P
- an alternate motion for this move is to just do hcf+P. If you are not in throw range, this move will come out instead of the Gekiheki Haisui Shou hcf+P
- supercancellable
- free cancellable into
- free cancellable out of

8a. Shippuu Ouken - qcf+P (after Zan'ei Ken db f+P)
- supercancellable but all DMs whiff anyway
- free cancellable out of although all attacks whiff anyway

1. Zan'ei Ryuusei Ken - qcb hcf+P
- Andy does a Zan'ei Ken that comes out very quickly. If the first hit connects, he will attack with a burst of energy similar to his qcb+A
- very low damage, but comes out very fast and has very good recovery time

2. Chou Reppa Dan - qcb hcf+K

1. Chou Reppa Dan - qcb hcf+BD

1. Zan'ei Shitou Reppa Dan - qcfx2+AC
- can be followed up by...

1a. Hiryuu Bakuha Dan - BCD (after Zan'ei Shitou Reppa Dan qcfx2+AC)


1. Close C(1)/Crouch C, qcb+A - 18%
2. Crouch B, df+A(1), qcb+A/(db f+A, qcf+A) - 20%/25%
3. Close C(1), hcf+P, run df+A, hyper Jump C/D - 40%

1. Close C(1), f+B, qcf+K(air), K/P - 25-30%
2. Close C(1), f+B, qcf+K(air), K, (S)qcb hcf+B - 55%
3. Close C(1), hcf+P, df+A(1), rdP+D - 45%
4. Close C(1), qcb+A, df+A(1), qcb+A, Jump C/D - 40%
5. Crouch B, df+A(1), qcb+A, Far C - 33%

1. Crouch B, df+A(1), BC, run Close C(1), hcf+P, (C)hcf+B(1), (C)db f+A, (C)hcf+B(5), (C)qcf+K(air), P(Buffer:qcb+P), (S)qcb hcf+K/BD(Buffer:qcf+K/BD) - 80% (Corner)
2. Close C(1), hcf+P, run df+A(1), BC, run df+A(1), qcfx2+AC, BCD - 60%
3. Close C(1), hcf+P, run df+A(1), BC, run df+A(1), qcb+A, df+A, jump B

Attack Strings:
1. Crouch B, df+A(1), qcb+A
2. Close C/Crouch B, df+A(1), db f+A(whiff), rdp+B

-cancellable normals are close A, crouch A, close B, crouch B, close C, crouch C, jump A, jump C
-CD is cancellable into command moves, specials and DMs
-there exists a bug with Andy's f+C throw. It is possible to cancel it with BC, when he kicks the opponent on the ground. After doing so, Andy will be able to move through the opponent's sprite. You can use this bug to move right on top of the opponent's sprite, and attack, which will result in mass confusion as to where to block. In addition, you can setup some new combos when your sprite is positioned on top of the opponents, such as close C(2 hits), hcf+P, whatever combo after. In the corner, if the opponent walks forward through you and Andy is in the corner, then he can combo an infinite number of close A's


- Andy does not really need much stock, since his supers are not that useful, and his bread and butter combos do a lot of damage. Thus, it's recommended to put Andy as the first character. He also benefits as the first character in other ways.

- In the corner, doing close C(1), qcb+C puts the opponent into block stun. It is difficult to guard roll this move since Andy gets pushed back and the opponent's guard roll will make him roll back into the ball. It can be guard rolled on the first hit and punished. Thus, it is best to use this when the opponent does not have any stock, which will guarantee 5 ticks of chip damage, and is not punishable in any way, if they blocked the close C(1). Since Andy will be the first character, the opponent won't have stock, so this strategy could be used more often.

- There exists an interesting glitch utilizing the f+C throw glitch. Once you have executed the glitch, if the opponent is in the left corner and is crouch blocking, and you do a close C right in front of him, the opponent will have to block it with downforward (or go neutral). The strange thing is that if the opponent is in the right corner and you do this, he has to block with downback.