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Anita is a character introduced in Night Warriors (Vampire Hunter), which is part of the Darkstalkers (Vampire) series. She is an orphan that travels with the vampire hunter Donovan.

In the Japanese version of MSH, she is a secret character. She fights with a miniature version of Donovan's sword.

  • To unlock Anita: set the game to Free Play, then hold down the credit/coin button.
    Press start, then enter [MP, LP, LEFT, LK, MK] at the character select screen.
    Release the credit/coin button. She has Thanos' select picture. (Japanese version only)

Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Burning Sword

  • DP + Punch

Anita summons Akuma (of Street Fighter II fame) to help imbue her sword with fire. Works as an anti-air or combo ender.

Lightning Spears

  • RDP + Punch

Anita summons Lei-Lei (Hsien-Ko's sister from Darkstalkers). She throws out several (short-ranged) electric spears.
These spears do damage and also drain super meter from the enemy. This move also does massive stun damage.

Sword Plant

  • HP+HK

This plants the sword in the ground. All of Anita's normal moves lose range and she loses the ability to use Burning Sword and Lightning Spears.

Sword Return

  • HP+HK (after Sword Plant)

This returns the sword to Anita, hitting the opponent once it passes through him.

Super Moves

Infinity Counter

Flaming Sword

  • Back, Down-Back, Down + Punch

(when blocking an attack)

Infinity Combo

Love for You

  • Quarter-circle Forward + 3 Punches

Arguably the most broken super in the game. It does massive damage and tons of hits (90+) and on block, it can chip for more than 60% of a player's life bar.
It travels nearly the full horizontal distance of the screen.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


c.LK, c.HP, j.LP,j.LK, j.MP, j.MK, j.HP xx Burning Sword - basic air combo
s.HP xx Love for You


j.HP, j.HK, [j.LP,j.LK, j.MP, j.MK, (delay slightly) j.HP, j.HK] - works on all standing characters EXCEPT Spider Man, Wolverine, Psylocke. Just hold up/forward the whole time.