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General Overview

Lang-Gong is one of the more effective Arcana in the game. While other Arcana may offer more in the way of special effects or unique abilities, Lang-Gong simply lets you do more damage- however, the amount of damage you can do with Lang-Gong often overshadows the benefits of other Arcana. It offers two useful supers, powerful combos at both midscreen and in the corner, fully unblockable charged C command attacks (and one of the most reliable Arcana Force summons, if you're into that kind of thing).


  • 6[C] and 3[C] become fully unblockable- regular 6[C] and 3[C] do no damage on block but cause an escapable stun. 6[C] still wallslams and 3[C] still launches.

Special Moves

  • 236D (air okay) - fireball, shoots at a 45 degree angle upwards (ground) or downwards (air). The air version leads to great corner combos.
  • 214D (air okay) - short range fire attack, can be charged to make the flame bigger.


  • 236236D - explosion super. Short ranged, has startup invincibility. Wallslam on hit. Homing Cancellable.
  • 632146D - flame super. Lots of hits, lots of frame advantage. Good for combos and block strings. You recover in time to combo off this move.

Activation Effects

  • moves do more damage (confirm?)
  • Homing Dash is surrounded by fire post-activation and will do damage on contact.

Arcana Force

Lang-Gong's Arcana Force (aka "firefox") sends a giant nine-tails fox running across the screen from the side your back is facing. Once the firefox is on the screen, it WILL run across to the other side. Can be avoided by superjumping at the right time. Wallslams on hit. Massive, massive frame advantage on block, and will take your opponent all the way to the corner. Hitcount is based on how far you travel across the screen.

The fire arcana is all about damage. Making your charge moves unblockable adds the damage from those, fireballs in combos and the fireball super do a ton of damage to what seems like an already high amount of damage that each character can do.

Passive Changes

  • 3C and 6C becomes unblockable when charged. Even if blocked the opponent will take the hit as if they weren't blocking, unlike a regular charged 3/6C when blocked the opponent can mash out of it.

Command List

Special moves

Meteor - 236D (2000 dmg) Shoots fireball at 45ish degree angle upwards if cast from ground, downwards if cast from air.

  • This will throw the opponent back on hit if they're in the air and you're on the ground. If you hit the opponent against a wall in the air with it, you can combo with the fireball a couple of times for high damage combos. Very strong projectile, and cannot be reflected like the Love Ball, and sometimes will even go through the love ball projectile.

Engulf - 63214D (2000 dmg uncharged, 3602 dmg fully charged) Shoots a short flamethrower from your hands. Hold a button down for MAJOR FLAME. Can be performed in the air.

  • You recover fast enough from this move to hit the opponent, use this, and then hit them again. Not always the best choice, but a possibility nonetheless.

Super moves

Flame Echo - 236236D: (6500 dmg) Your character has a fire explosion come from them. If it hits the opponent, they go flying toward the wall. There is some invincibility in this time. Can be performed in the air.

  • Unsafe unless you homing cancel, so on whiff it's very punishable. Good after activation if you think the opponent is going to attack.

Firestorm - 632146D: (5320 dmg) A fireball similar to 63214D, but it does a lot more hits without needing the charge.

  • Does a lot of chip on block, adds a lot to combos on hit. A staple for the arcana. If it hits, the opponent will be able to tech very soon, so you need to homing cancel or end the combo within a couple of hits of doing the fireball super against the opponent. It can also be used after sweeps to be able to combo the opponent without a homing cancel.

Winged Inferno - 236ABC Super - Summon Lang Gong

(~9510 dmg)Holy Sh*t Is That Nine Tailed Fox I've Heard About It In Japanese Mythology??

  • Big fiery fox appears from the corner behind you and runs across the screen. It hits opponent million times and it hurts. I mean, big fox that's on fire coming at you, gosh.
  • On block, tons of chip. On hit, sends the opponent to the other side of the screen. You can be thrown during the activation of it and Lang Gong will run right by the opponent, so you can't just toss it out. You can't single jump Lang Gong, you have to double jump or single jump and then homing over.

Activation Changes

  • Adds a fire shield that hits the opponent if you use D in the air.