Arcueid Brunestud (Red) (MBAC)

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Character Bio

(Storyline info to be Added later)

Normal Attacks

Motion Y. Damage R. Damage Startup Proration Blocked Shielded
5A 350 200 5 75% Ground  ?
2A 280 180 4 70% Low Low
j.A 320 180 4 75% Any  ?
5B 700 500 8 100% Ground  ?
5{B} 500+500 300+300 18-26 75% Ground  ?
5[B] 600 400 27 60% High High
2B 700 400 7 75% Low Low
-Causes an untechable knockdown on hit (on grounded characters)
j.B 500+600 400+300 4 100% Upper High

5c - 1000 6f 5[c] - 2500 43f 2c - 1100 9f 8c - 1000 5f

2a2a - 250 5f 3c - 1880 20f (air) 2c 2600 4f 214d - 1200 31f

Special Attacks

Motion Y. Damage R. Damage Meter Gained Startup Proration Blocked Shielded
Ancient Nail (Alt Nagel)
236A  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? xxx xxx
236B  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? xxx xxx
236C  ?  ? -100%  ?  ? xxx xxx
Dash (Weiss Katze)
623A 0 0 0%  ?  ? xxx xxx
623B 0 0 0%  ?  ? xxx xxx
623C  ?  ? -100%  ?  ? xxx xxx
Ancient Shear (Alt Schur)
214A  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? xxx xxx
214B  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? xxx xxx
214C  ?  ? -100%  ?  ? xxx xxx
Blood Ring(Air) (Alt Schur(Air))
j.214A  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? xxx xxx
j.214B  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? xxx xxx
j.214C  ?  ? -100%  ?  ? xxx xxx
Meteor (Blud Die Schwester) [Requires Heat or Max Mode]
41236C  ?  ? -300%  ?  ? xxx xxx
Meteor(Max) (Blud Die Schwester) [Requires Blood Heat Mode]
41236C  ?  ? -300%  ?  ? xxx xxx
Mercy Strike (Gnadenstoss) [Requires Blood Heat Mode]
D (state)  ?  ? -300%  ?  ? xxx xxx

Character Strategies and Notes

Red Arc (Warcueid) is one of the games more enigmatic characters. Her move list is very curt, but extremely varied. She doesn't take damage very well yet has faily good survivability. She can be somewhat dependant on meter to get her out of jams yet often has just enough to heal herself when desperate. Her combo damage is average at best yet she can often overwhelm and slaughter the opponent near immediately and without meter.

Red Arc's gameplan revolves around several of her varied normals that are superior to other characters. Air fireballs can be varied with air dashes, superjumps, or by being performed late in her jump arc to hit the opponent at varied angles, and during block often allow her to recover first in order to stake her attack. Her Jump B compliments this air game, beating many otherwise dangerous air attacks cleanly. Her Stand C has severe range (though it can be crouched by most characters from far enough away) and in some cases is so overpowering that a character's entire movelist has no true counter for it (Chaos). Her crouch B is a sweep with startup nearly as fast as a jab. Her command normals (and her stand B) have super armor at points and can punch holes through an opponent's attempts to counter, in addition to being difficult to block attacks on their own, one being overhead (with 2B as a near immediate low followup, making for a tough block string) and one at full charge being unblockable completely. Her teleports are quick and can allow her to escape or gain ground on a fleeing opponent with equal impunity. Many of these can lead into her bnb which features her Airthrow as an ender, putting her in perfect position to attack the opponent again on wakeup.

Red Arc's secondary game revolves around her throw, which is a feared gambit. On it's own it does a fair amount of damage, plus Warc has followup opportunities into her bnb on all 3 of the opponent's teching options. She can also tack on further damage even if the opponent does not tech provided she has an EX teleport available. This leaves the opponent in an unfavorable situation -- if she guesses the tech they take severe damage, if they do not tech they are at best in a poor wakeup situation and at worst could take the entire BNB anyway if she EX teleports them into the corner just behind her.

Red Arc is fairly easy to use for a beginner, while having a few advanced techniques an expert can take advantage of.

Her tiering is in debate, however most consider her top tier or upper mid. Arcadia's recent listings have her as Top, for reference.

Techniques, Strings, and Combos

Air Fireball Variations

  • Tiger Knee A fireball (Stops Dash ins)
  • Instant Air Backdash A Fireball (Stops run ins, forces rushing opponent into blockstun.)
  • Super Jump -> Quick A Fireball (Even or advantage on block depending on the angle, hops over many anti airs, combo opportunity on hit, block stun pushes the opponent into you allowing mixup.)
  • Instant Air Dash A fireball (Block stun setup)


BNB: 2A 2B 2C 5C j.B(2hits) j.C dj.B (2 hits) j.C Air Throw

OTG Strings

  • 2B5B5C A teleport (Ends in front of opponent)
  • 2B5B5C B teleport (Ends behind opponent)
  • 2C5C EX teleport (Wallslam) 5C j.B(2hits) j.C dj.B (2 hits) j.C Air Throw (use after throwing an opponent outside of the corner when they do not tech the throw)

Throw setups

  • Throw -> Dash 2B 2C j.B(2hits) j.C dj.B (2 hits) j.C Air Throw (Punishes back tech)
  • Throw -> Pause 2B 2C j.B(2hits) j.C dj.B (2 hits) j.C Air Throw (Punishes neutral tech)
  • Throw -> Walk back 2B 2C j.B(2hits) j.C dj.B (2 hits) j.C Air Throw (Punishes forward techs into the corner)

Meaties/wakeup setups

  • 5[C] (use on counterhit knockdowns when you cannot get to the opponent fast enough to BNB)
  • 5B 2A (Must be parried high)
  • 2B 2C (Must be parried low)
  • 2A Tick Throw
  • 5[B] 2A (must be parried high -> opponent must block high then low very quickly to successfully block the string)
  • Super Jump A Ring (Punishes wakeup backdash)
  • Jump -> A fireball near end of Descent (Frame advantage on block, comboable on hit)